How To Track Calls With a Vanity Phone Number


Q. How do I track calls with a vanity phone number from online ads?

A.  You can easily track calls with a vanity phone number for free on websites and landing pages by using a simple HTML code (see below) to link any image or text on your website or landing page to your vanity phone number. 

Two Ways To Track Calls To a Vanity Phone Number

  1. There are call tracking services for vanity phone numbers provided by the call routing company we use and other companies, but you don’t need them.
  2. Tracking calls from Google Ads and landing pages with a vanity phone number is simple to do yourself for free by using a simple HTML code.

This article will show you how to use a vanity phone number with tracking phone numbers.

Why Do You Want To Use Both a Tracking Number and a Vanity Phone Number?

  1. The branding power of a vanity phone number will get people to call you. We use the branding power of the vanity phone number 1-800-HURT-911® to get people to call us. See how using a vanity phone number increases ROI from Google Ads.
  2. Tracking numbers linked to a vanity phone number allows you to know which Google Ads and landing pages are performing well.

We track all calls to our personal injury law firm from our landing pages for Google Ads by linking a tracking number to our vanity phone number. 

Because we use 1-800-HURT-911® in the title of our Google Ads, we have a conversion rate that has ranged from 71.70% to 96.55%.

What’s your conversion rate? On average, the conversion rate for lawyers is less than 10%. If you already have a personal injury vanity phone number, use it in your Google Ads title.

Now you have the advantage of using both a vanity phone number to increase your Google Quality Score and ROI and the analytics provided by call tracking phone numbers.

How To Link a Vanity Phone Number To a Tracking Number 

The HTML code to link any vanity phone number, tracking number, or any other phone number to text or a graphic image is:

<a href="tel:123-456-7890">1-800-HURT-911®</a>

Just replace 123-456-7890 with the tracking phone number, you want to use.

Everywhere you have 1-800-HURT-911 on your website or landing page or an image of the 1-800-HURT-911® logo, just link the text or image to the code.

This text is linked to a phone number (nonworking) so you can try it

This image is also linked to a phone number (nonworking)
How To Track Calls With a Vanity Phone Number? Just link this 1-800-HURT-911 logo to a tracking number.

Can I Use Multiple Tracking Numbers With a Vanity Phone Number?

Yes. Just change the HTML code for each tracking number.

How To Track Calls With a Vanity Phone Number From Smartphones

Most of the calls from our Google Ads for personal injury lawyers come from smartphones. With online advertising, people press a button on their smartphone to make a call rather than dialing the phone number.

Wherever you have the vanity phone number 1-800-HURT-911® or the numeric version 1-800-487-8911 either in text, graphic image, or a call button, just link it to your call tracking phone number. That’s it!

That’s what we do. 1-800-HURT-911® is used as our brand to get people to call and the calls go through several different tracking phone numbers. Callers don’t even know they called through a tracking phone number. They think they called our vanity phone number 1-800-HURT-911.

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Be sure to use the right tracking numbers to reduce spam calls and people calling the wrong number.

To maximize ROI and reduce wasted ad spend, you should also use lead management software for law firms to manage and track your leads from advertising.

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