Business Cards for Personal Injury Lawyers

The most cost-effective method of advertising for new personal injury clients is using business cards that stand out.  I know because I built up a personal injury practice just by giving out business cards to everyone, everywhere.  Of course, they had 1-800-HURT-911 on the card.

1-800-HURT-911 business cards are easily ordered by filling out a few fields at the HURT911® VistaPrint store.  Available in both regular business cards and magnets for both you and your office staff.
personal injury lawyer business card advertising 

Make business cards for different clients. I use this one for motorcycle accident cases.
business card advertising niche attorney services for motorcycle accident cases

Don’t waste your time giving out business cards that look like every other lawyer’s business card.  You will not get any clients from your current business cards.  Take a clue from Real Estate salespeople and other salespeople.  If you want them to work, there are two principles you need to keep in mind (and a 3rd which will make a big difference):

  1. Your business card needs to STAND out. Don’t use ordinary lawyer business cards!
  2. It’s a numbers game.  You need to give your business card to everyone, everywhere, and to make it work even better,
  3. Advertise 1-800-HURT-911 on your business cards.

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Don’t just give out your own cards!  Make cards for paralegals and everyone else in your office so they can give out cards (the paralegal title on the card is easily changed to whatever you want at the HURT911® VistaPrint store).  Reward your employees with a dinner for two at a nice restaurant every time they bring in a client.

personal injury paralegal business card advertising a vanity number