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Does Yellow Page Advertising For Lawyers Still Work?

Yes, and they will probably be printed for a long time.

This is a copy of the “The Real Yellow Pages®” phone book I received in July 2020, and there are still two lawyers advertising on the front cover (the 1-800-HURT-911® logo wasn’t really there).

attorney ads on phone book cover

Online Local Business Search Directories For Lawyers

Online local business search directories are the new “Yellow Pages.” Google My Business is the most important of the online directories. Find out how to get a free listing and optimize your Google My Business listing for your law firm.

Online directories add an extra dimension by allowing people to post reviews. Managing your listing on online local business search directories is time-consuming. Additionally, it’s vital to maintain control over reviews. Fortunately, there is software that allows you to manage your online local business listings and reviews (1-800-HURT-911 customers can get a 50% discount).

Print Yellow Pages

A number of factors have decreased the effectiveness of yellow-page advertising for lawyers. While people often now use the Internet instead of the Yellow Pages, many still use Yellow Pages. Yellow-page advertising for lawyers can still be effective if you advertise in the right spot.

The back cover of the yellow-page book still works well. In fact, it is killing the inside section! If you’re in the inside section, you really need to stand out.

The problem with the back cover is that you will get a lot of calls. A lot of calls unrelated to personal injury! 1-800-HURT-911 acts as a call screen because of the word HURT.  People looking for a divorce or a landlord-tenant lawyer, just don’t call!

Just be careful about using a vanity phone number that’s too restrictive. Vanity phone numbers like 1-800-CAR-ACCIDENT will screen out everything except car accidents, while 1-800-HURT-911 will give you everything you want.

How to Design a Custom Yellow Page Ad For Lawyers

Important Tip: Use a yellow page advertising designer instead of a yellow page salesperson to design your advertising. Yellow page salespeople will tell you they can have your advertising designed for free, but you get what you pay for.

This yellow page advertising for lawyers was designed for the back cover by a professional yellow page advertising designer.

lawyers advertising on the back cover of the yellow page phone book

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Yellow-page advertising for lawyers should not be used alone but should be part of a lawyer’s overall advertising budget. Lawyer advertising on TV, radio, and billboards should also be considered. To maximize the effectiveness of your lawyer advertising budget, augment your advertising with marketing campaigns, including holiday cards and niche marketing for motorcycle accident cases.

Philip L. Franckel, Esq., is the author of this article.

Phil Franckel is the owner of 1-800-HURT-911® and over 1,100 domain names. He is a personal injury lawyer and a former Member of the Board of Directors of the NYS Trial Lawyers Association. He is an expert in branding, advertising, marketing, and SEO. He has been doing SEO since 1994.

Phil Franckel has written and produced TV commercials for lawyers and other industries and has been a consultant to businesses, including several using vanity phone numbers. Phil writes a blog about lawyer advertising at

Phil Franckel began a mail order business in 8th grade, bought and sold coin-operated amusement games in 10th grade, and a used car business in 12th grade through college. After law school, he worked in the wholesale diamond business and part-time for a TV production company. Later, while a lawyer at a large personal injury law firm, he worked part-time for ABC Wide World of Sports and ABC Monday Night Baseball.

Phil Franckel then started a personal injury law practice and is a former member of the Board of Directors of the NYS Trial Lawyers Association.

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