Which can you remember after a 15 or 30 sec. radio ad?


Motorcycle – “$Million Umbrella Insurance”
with 1-800 Numeric #

Motorcycle – “$Million Umbrella Insurance”

with 1-800-HURT-911

Motorcycle – “Safeguard Your Settlement”

with 1-800 Numeric #

Motorcycle – “Safeguard Your Settlement”

with 1-800-HURT-911

1-800-HURT-911® can get 14 times more calls than 1-800-487-8911

According to ICB TOLL FREE NEWS, a study, Toll-free Numbers in Radio Advertising, ran 66 radio ads on equal rotation, half with a numeric 800 number, and half with the number 800-NEW-WHEELS. The results of the study, show that an advertisement using a toll-free vanity number (a number that translates into words for easy recall) yields 14 times more phone calls than an advertisement using a toll-free numeric number.

Our radio spots for motorcycle accidents will bring in the most valuable personal injury cases.  Our average settlement value has been $302,500.  With six-figure injuries and limited policies, personal injury lawyers can settle motorcycle cases sometimes as soon as the hospital records are obtained. Motorcycle cases have the fastest cash flow of any personal injury case.

When you license 1-800-HURT-911, I will tell you how to find the right radio stations you need for motorcycle cases.  I will also let you know how to get more personal injury cases from motorcycle accidents with our niche marketing for motorcycle accident cases.  You’ll be able to enter this lucrative niche market and compete against lawyers who thought they had it locked up.

We like radio advertising for niche markets but lawyers advertising on radio for general personal injury with a vanity phone number in my market have been advertising continuously for years while lawyers without a vanity phone number come and go.

If you want your lawyer advertising on radio, make sure you use a vanity phone number and the best one is 1-800-HURT-911.

Audio can be rerecorded with your law firm name and for an amazingly small fee, other customized radio spots can be produced for you.  There is never a license fee to broadcast 1-800-HURT-911 radio commercials!

Will this driver remember how to call you after hearing attorney advertising on radio?

Driver listening to lawyer advertising on radio in her car

How to increase the effectiveness of radio advertising

The best way to increase the effectiveness of radio advertising is with billboards.

Billboards provide a substantial branding punch which will provide a substantial increase in ROI of radio advertising.

Billboards are expensive but you can get free billboards.

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