Social Media

Gas Card, Grocery Gift Card and Prepaid Card Giveaways

Set up social media accounts for your state or city such as or hurt911/yourstate

Give away one or more gas cards or grocery cards every week to a random winner who posts a photo of anything showing 1-800-HURT-911 and follows your account.

Join forces to co-brand and promote your giveaway with a radio show, school, church, non-profit or volunteer organization and/or on social media.

Gas Card Giveaway

A Gas Card Winner!

1-800-HURT-911® Gas Card Giveaway Winner

Where To Buy Gift Cards And Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

Sample Post On Instagram

Every Week We are Giving a Way (1) Gas Card OR (1) Grocery Card to a random winner. 🙌 💳
How to Win:
1) Snap a photo of anything 1-800-Hurt-911 📸 (This can be a billboard, Sign, Towel, Bus, a Children’s Drawing with “1-800-Hurt-911”)
2) Tag @Hurt911atl
3) Follow Hurt911atl
We will select winners at random! No purchase necessary!

1-800-HURT-911® Gas Card Giveaway offer

Link to the post: