Lawyer Advertising for Motorcycle Accidents

Advertise for Motorcycle Accidents

Advertise with 1-800-HURT-911 lawyer advertising for motorcycle accidents with our marketing materials or advertise on your own, but follow this guide and start advertising for motorcycle accident cases now for more money and faster cash flow!

— 1-800-HURT-911 provides the program and marketing materials to get you in the most lucrative niche, motorcycle accidents — and you don’t need a motorcycle! You can start getting motorcycle cases immediately!

But don’t forget about our traditional advertising for personal injury lawyers.

Niche Advertising for Motorcycle Accidents Is the Most Lucrative Form of Advertising!

— Why? Read Seven Ways a Niche Helps Your Business Development by Anna H. Rappaport, The National Law Review

We built a lucrative practice as motorcycle accident lawyers. With 50% of our cases being motorcycle accidents, they helped us to win the Law Firm 500 Award! Awarded to the 500 Fastest Growing Law Firms in the US, we were the 44th fastest growing law firm. Our website is
500 Fastest Growing L aw Firms seal

Email from Donna Resmini, advertising manager for a law firm:

You’re rocking these motorcycle cases –way to go.    We had one come in this week, a guy hit by a cab from Mass on the RI border.    This was as a result of advertising on the radio, for bikers news.

How Do You Create a Motorcycle Accident Law Practice?

To break into the competition for lucrative motorcycle accidents, I created the HURT911® motorcycle accident “cause marketing” program because it’s the most effective method of marketing and it’s inexpensive. The HURT911® motorcycle accident marketing program costs us only $25,000/year.

What is Cause Marketing? Cause marketing is simply a marketing campaign promoting a cause your clients believe in. This generates awareness of your brand and creates goodwill for your brand.

Every major company uses cause marketing because it’s the most effective type of marketing. (Read more about cause marketing and how to use cause marketing for lawyers, about a study on cause branding, what Ken Hardison of PILMMA says about it and how Cellino & Barnes effectively used cause marketing for their law firm.

What cause should you choose for motorcycle accidents? I wanted to start a cause marketing campaign that could help reduce motorcycle injuries. There will always be enough accidents for my practice.

Bumper stickers are one part of our cause marketing campaign
cause marketing bumper stickers advertising motorcycle lawyers

Why Is Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere® a Cause-Marketing Brand?

What do motorcyclists believe in?  Motorcycle awareness is their most important concern.  Motorcyclists know that drivers’ failure to see motorcycles is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents because every motorcyclist has near misses weekly from drivers who didn’t see the motorcyclist.

The giveaways below are extremely popular with motorcyclists.  Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere® is trademarked in the classes for Legal Services, Printed Materials, and Clothing.

How Much Should You Spend on Lawyer Advertising for Motorcycle Accidents?

We spend approximately $10,000 for advertising our law office in a motorcycle magazine and $20,000 for giveaways annually, but you can get started with the most important “BE AWARE” giveaways for under $9,000 (see these items and others below-all items can be easily ordered from our suppliers):

  • 300 T-shirts Gildan Ultra Cotton 2 color front & back (30 2X & 20 3X) $1,644 – I’ll tell you how to get reimbursed for T-shirts and further promote your brand with more cause marketing at the same time!
  • iPad approx $400 plus $120/year for HURT911® branded lead capture app; $372/year for minimum 400 greeting cards plus postage.
  • 2,000 bumper stickers $537
  • 1,000 magnetic bumper stickers $950
  • 250 large car magnets $1,600
  • 500 mousepads $695
  • 150 mugs $591.71
  • 500 Refrigerator magnets with 50 sheet paper pad $400
  • 500 Frosted yellow bags with logo $315
  • 1,000 1-800-HURT-911 business cards for bikers $74.97
  • Fitted vinyl table throw with logo for events $269
  • 6′ folding table with carrying handle $50

Why Are Motorcycle Accident Cases So Valuable?

According to a study noted on a lawyer’s website, Jury Verdict Research found the average motorcycle accident verdict nationally was approximately $560,000.

We find in our law practice that approx 50% of these motorcycle accident cases involve serious injuries worth $500,000 or more, with good liability and limited insurance policies, which mean fast settlement offers for the entire insurance policy.

Harley-Davidson riders are rarely speeding and rarely at fault. Drivers just never see motorcycles and are usually at fault. This means you earn high fees with fast cash flow and very little work.

Our cases mostly involve policies of $100,000 and $300,000 but we have some with $25,000 and several with $1,000,000 to $1,500,000, one with $5,000,000 and another with $15,000,000 coverage. Our average settlement value is approximately $100,000.

There are some different issues with these cases, but you may already know how to handle them, and I can help provide information.

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How Did Other Lawyers Become Motorcycle Accident Lawyers?

Because those personal injury lawyers ride a motorcycle and meet other motorcyclists. or because they used to ride and advertise with images of them on a motorcycle. The most important reason is that they advertise for motorcycle accident cases.

Don’t think you can be a motorcycle accident lawyer because you don’t ride? Most lawyers think they can’t, but that’s not true. You can!

You don’t have to ride to get motorcycle accident cases, and you don’t have to look like a biker. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. I don’t ride, my partner doesn’t ride, and we never try to look like we do. When bikers ask if we ride, we just tell them we don’t ride. It’s never been a problem, and several bikers told us they would rather have a motorcycle lawyer who doesn’t ride!

HURT911® provides you with the designs and where to order giveaways for lawyer advertising for motorcycle accidents, including:

  • 1-800-HURT-911®
  • Our brand promoting motorcycle awareness, Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere®, is trademarked in Legal Services, Printed Materials, and Clothing.
  • Google Ads design
  • Radio commercials
  • Magazine ads
  • Billboard graphics
  • Websites for motorcycle accidents
  • HURT911® Member Benefit Card
  • Medical ID cards for motorcyclists downloadable from your website
  • Frosted yellow branded plastic bags for giveaways
  • Skull stress balls with & 1-800-HURT-911
  • Bumper stickers & magnetic bumper stickers
  • Large magnetic car signs (bikers love these, and I use them on my Mercedes GLK SUV)
  • Lawn signs
  • Helmet Stickers
  • T-shirts
  • Mousepads
  • Smartphone cases
  • Coffee mugs
  • Refrigerator magnet notepads
  • Kickstand plates (also used as coasters)
  • HURT911® Roadside Assistance Cards (may be available)
  • Free featured classified ads for motorcyclists courtesy of your law firm
  • HURT911® branded lead capture app
  • Holiday & Birthday cards automatically sent to motorcyclists
  • Vehicle wrap with Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere®
  • Fitted table cover for motorcycle events
  • Custom lead capture software
  • 1-800-HURT-911 branded greeting cards are automatically mailed in the US mail to your leads on their birthday, holidays, and anytime.
  • Facebook header logo
  • When you sign up you’ll be able to Login to find out how to order giveaways, how to give them away, and how to get names & addresses for holiday cards to bring in lots of cases. I’ll tell you which giveaways are the most important (You can sign up a lot of cases just with a few giveaways, then add more later).

With 1-800-HURT-911 and a little effort, your law firm will be the 1-800-HURT-911® motorcycle accident lawyers in your state.

You must spend some time getting involved in your marketing. You don’t need the know-how because I’ll tell you how but you can delegate some work to others in your office, such as exhibiting at some motorcycle runs.

Google Ads for Motorcycle Accidents

See how to design a successful Google Ad

Google mobile ad for motorcycle lawyer

This should be your Google Ad!

Landing Pages for Motorcycle Accidents

When potential motorcycle accident clients click on your Google Ad, you need to send them to a landing page, like the one below, designed specifically for motorcycle accidents.

See how to design a successful landing page for Google Ads landing page for specific accidents showing motorcycle accident

See the full landing page for a motorcycle lawyer (this is a preview page, is not active, and the call buttons do not work)

TV Commercial for Motorcycle Accidents

Radio Commercials for Motorcycle Accidents

These radio spots will be customized for your law firm.  I’ll tell you how to find the right radio stations to advertise on.  Listen to a comparison without 1-800-HURT-911.

“$Million Umbrella Insurance”

“Safeguard Your Settlement”

Motorcycle Magazine Ads

I’ll tell you how to find the right magazines to advertise in. This magazine incorporates our cause marketing campaign by displaying the bumper stickers we give out.
Magazine advertising personal injury lawyer

Billboards With Cause Marketing

Large billboard by an attorney advertising motorcycle awareness

Gas Stations

Motorcycle Awareness Sign on Gas Pumps

Our Billboards in Long Island Costco stores hanging over the cash registers during May, motorcycle awareness month
Billboard at Costco advertising motorcycle awareness and attorneys

Bumper Stickers & Car Signs — Cause Marketing With a Niche Message

I provide you with the artwork for “Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere”® bumper stickers, other giveaways, billboards, etc., to promote awareness of motorcycles.

I’ll tell you how to distribute vinyl and magnetic bumper stickers and large magnetic car signs to people who will put them on their cars to spread your message and the 1-800-HURT-911 ® brand.

HURT911® magnetic bumper stickers and vinyl bumper stickers are extremely inexpensive.  Vinyl stickers easily peel off in one piece (unlike paper stickers) without leaving behind any residual adhesive, and they won’t damage painted bumpers.  We also have large magnetic car signs (24″x6”), which are also inexpensive and very popular.

HURT911® Bumper Stickers (See matching T-shirts below)
bumper stickers advertising motorcycle lawyers

Car Door Magnets: Bikers love these magnetic car signs and bumper stickers.  The best part is when we see these on their cars and vans.

Lawn signs
lawn sign for motorcycle awareness advertising attorneys

Motorcycle Events

Bike Nights in Atlanta

We put out 12 lawn signs at this Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club BBQ party with 400 bikers and gave out a lot of stuff at our table.
lawnsign at drink stand-Optimized

Our table at the BBQ party looks even better in our new matching tent. Along with free T-shirts and other giveaways, we gave out beer steins co-branded with the motorcycle club

I was able to see 1-800-HURT-911 from 300 hundred yards away!HURT911 Tent Canopy

At a motorcycle event with 600 bikers, this biker took 2 bags of giveaways and 2 lawn signs!

Bags for Giveaways:  Use these frosted plastic walking billboard bags at motorcycle events (12″w x 15″h x 3″d).  Riders love them for all the giveaways, and they will be walking around with your advertising!

Plastic bag for giveaways at motorcycle events

At a motorcycle event with 600 bikers, 3 bikers are seen here carrying BE AWARE bags (one at the tent) with free T-shirts and other giveawaysbag3-Optimized


3 more BE AWARE bags can be seen here

Win a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Poker Run

Personal injury lawyers can get in front of motorcyclists to get exposure and create goodwill. By starting a Poker Run, you can also collect names, addresses, email addresses, and dates of birth to send greeting cards and email campaigns to motorcyclists.

To get hundreds of motorcyclists participating in your Poker Run, offer the opportunity to win a brand-new $25,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. But don’t worry, you won’t have to pay for the motorcycle! For only $950 for up to 400 motorcyclists, you can purchase insurance to pay the winner of your Poker Run.

Here’s how the lucky winner Harley-Davidson motorcycle poker run works

HURT911® Card with Member Benefits for Motorcyclists

Benefits include a $5,000 Stolen Motorcycle Reward and a $5,000 Hit and Run Reward.

Give out these cards at motorcycle events. We give these out in NY, and motorcyclists love them. They have to be registered at, which will capture the names, addresses, and other information.HURT911 Member Benefit Card for motorcyclists

Helmet Stickers

Helmet Sticker

Mouse Pads

“Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere”® mouse pads puts 1-800-HURT-911® in front of people every day! Motorcyclists will have your phone number before they have to search on the Internet!

These mouse pads are in high demand at motorcycle events. You can print a mouse pad with just the BE AWARE logo or co-branded like the one below with the motorcycle magazine.
mouse pad advertising motorcycle awareness, advertising for attorneys, & a motorcycle magazine

Smart Phone Cases

1-800-HURT911® “Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere”® smartphone cases
These are high-quality black plastic cases. The logo is printed with a durable glossy finish on an insert, not like other companies, which screen prints on plastic that rubs off.  This is my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3.
smartphone case with motorcycle awareness & advertising for attorneys

This biker was thrilled with his new iPhone cover.  We gave away a lot of these!

Ring Tone

“Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere”® Ring Tone
Also popular is our Ring Tone, which is available as a free download from and your website. You can hear it here:
“Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere® Ring Tone”

Refrigerator Magnet Notepads

These refrigerator notepads will keep 1-800-HURT-911 in view when it’s needed! Even when the paper runs out, people leave these on their refrigerators because they like the message!
refrigerator magnet with notepad advertising motorcycle awareness and attorneys

Kickstand Plates (also used as coasters)

Riders love these kickstand plates and also use them as coasters. Kickstand plates are used to prevent a kickstand from going through hot asphalt.  We’ll tell you where to get these for $1.05 ea.
Motorcycle Kickstand Plate or Coaster

Skull Stress Balls

These skull stress balls raise awareness of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and knowledge of the injury at  Many motorcyclists have a concussion which is a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury that can be worth millions.  We have several MTBI cases now with million-dollar policies.
skull-front advertising awareness of traumatic brain injury

skull-back advertising awareness of traumatic brain injury

Coffee Mugs & Beer Steins

1-800-HURT911® “Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere”® mugs
(this is a rendition I did myself-the actual image wraps around the mug).  This ceramic mug has a matte black finish, polished black rim, and gloss blue inside, as low as $2.11 each at the time of posting.  (I’ll tell you how to use just a few of these to get new clients)
mugs with motorcycle awareness & advertising for attorneys

1-800-HURT911® “Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere”® beer steins
We make these plastic beer steins for special events.  I will tell you the secret that’s printed on the other side; who they’re for; where they’re used; and where to order at the best price.
beer steins showing advertising for lawyers

Bikers love to keep these and take them home!
beer stein on motorcycle-Optimized


The new HURT911® T-shirts “Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere”®
These T-shirts are so popular that motorcyclists usually offer to pay for them!  We gave them out at motorcycle events in exchange for their name, address, and birth month/day, which we use to automatically send birthday cards, holiday cards, and other cards in the US mail.  We also get their email address for email campaigns.  Now, we’re selling them for $10, which reimburses us for the $5 cost, and a $5 donation for another cause-marketing product that furthers our brand.  We have a couple of female motorcyclists help us at events.

The heaviest 6.2-ounce 100% cotton Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirts are less than $5.00 each with free shipping and no tax (with 400+ shirt orders).
T shirt back advertising motorcycle awareness and lawyers
T shirt front advertising motorcycle awareness

This photo was taken by my neighbor who saw someone wearing our shirt at a Chicago concert.
T-shirt at Chicago concert

Original HURT911® T-shirts
T shirt back showing personal injury attorney advertising

T shirt design for personal injury attorney advertising

T-shirt pocket showing personal injury attorney advertising

Lead Capture

To get a T-shirt, a motorcyclist will enter their name, address, month/day of their birthday, and email address on an iPad using a HURT911® branded app. When you have an internet connection, you upload the data to Constant Contact to send a newsletter by email and greeting cards in the U.S. mail. (see a greeting card below)


birthday screen

Get Free Billboards From Motorcycle Events!

When you go to motorcycle events with your 1-800-HURT-911® brand on your tent, take photos and upload them to Google Maps for the location you were at. Include the brand of the business you were at when you can.

This photo was taken in front of our tent at the end of a motorcycle run in Applebee’s parking lot and uploaded to Google Maps. It got 81,941 views in one year at no cost to us!

free lawyer billboard

Business Cards for Motorcycle Accidents

I use 2 different business cards, including this one, for motorcycle accident cases.
business cards advertising lawyer services for motorcycle accident cases

Greeting Cards

Automatically send HURT911® Birthday Cards & Holiday Cards to Bikers who get a T-shirt! (First Name Last Name is a merge code and replaced by the real name in the database and is not underlined)
Birthday card

Niche Websites For Motorcycle Accident Cases

You’ll get a website with premium domain names for motorcycle accident cases in your territory, as well as a website for general personal injury cases. You also get automatic SEO software, and extra help is available to get your website in the top Google results.

website page of motorcycle lawyer's website

Medical ID Cards downloadable from your websites
Medical ID Cards for motorcyclists can also be downloaded from and your website.
Medical ID Card advertising motorcycle lawyers

Facebook: Use the BE AWARE logo sized for your Facebook header background.  I occasionally post photos or stuff about my personal life; comment on other people’s posts, and post about motorcycle issues or articles I write for a motorcycle magazine.  This is what my Facebook page looks like (if you have a Facebook page, click “Add Friend” on my page):

Insert 1-800-HURT-911 matchbooks in the pocket when you give out T-shirts.
matchbooks showing personal injury attorney advertising

Give these cards (with your name on the back) with FREE offers to Bikers & Companies selling to Bikers.
cards showing personal injury attorney advertising

If you don’t advertise 1-800-HURT-911 for motorcycle cases, use our competition!

Of course, we want your law office to advertise with 1-800-HURT-911 for motorcycle accident cases and other accidents. But whoever you advertise with, advertise for motorcycle accidents!

Watch Law Tigers’ video to see why you should start advertising for motorcycle cases now!