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Why brand a 1-800 number and will you own the brand?

Why brand a 1-800 number?

If you already branded your law firm name or would like to, branding a 1-800 vanity number with your name doesn’t need to compete with your law firm brand.

When making a decision on whether to invest money into branding a 1-800 vanity phone number or your law firm name, the answer is easy if based on money. I estimated that it will take at least 30 times more money to brand a law firm name than to brand a good 1-800 vanity phone number like 1-800-HURT-911®.

Additionally, branding a 1-800 vanity phone number will begin to produce results much faster and create a stronger brand with the ability of people knowing how to call you.

Will you own the brand?

If you license someone else’s vanity phone number for your advertising, it’s well worth it just for the substantial increase in calls you will receive vs. not having a vanity phone number.  But after two years of continuous advertising, you’ll start to build a substantial brand for the 1-800 vanity phone number.

If you stop advertising a 1-800 vanity phone number after two years, callers will continue to dial the number for 3 years and longer. Don’t advertise a 1-800 vanity phone number unless you own the right to assign your territory to another lawyer.

Will you own the brand you created or will the owner of the vanity phone number you’re considering?  You will own the 1-800-HURT-911® brand for your territory because we allow you to assign your territory to another lawyer.

After a few years of advertising, the brand will become quite valuable. This article shows that the value of a brand can be worth 50% of annual gross receipts.

If you don’t own your brand, you don’t have an incentive to invest in your advertising budget. This is counterproductive. We want you to continuously increase your advertising budget and invest in branding because a strong brand increases results from advertising.

We want you to own the 1-800-HURT-911® brand with resale rights for your territory so your advertising will be an investment in your brand, not ours. We accomplish this by giving you the right to assign and sell your agreement for any amount you want without any fees due back to us.

Additionally, we offer a one-time payment option so you can make one payment and never make another payment.  The advantage is that you will save money in the long run and you have the option to suspend your advertising campaign any time you want without having to continue making monthly payments.

Personal Injury Lawyer Phil Franckel