Videos are a great and inexpensive way to promote your personal injury law practice and they’re great for search engine optimization.

Who can make your videos?

  • You
  • Someone in your office
  • Shoot the video yourself and outsource to an editor, or
  • Hire an advertising agency

It’s easy to make videos. This is my first attempt to make a video. Everything you see in the video I did myself.

My acting needs improvement but the animations and editing are good.

Many popular YouTubers found their acting substantially improved after doing a few videos. Even if you look like me on a video, they’re still effective.

I created the graphic animations and edited the video. These graphic animations and others are available to you for free when you license 1-800-HURT-911®. Even if you hire an advertising agency, using these graphic animations can save you thousands of dollars.

Where to Promote Lawfirm Videos

  • Law firm website
  • Google Business Listing
  • YouTube
  • Social Media
  • Online communities built around your topics of expertise or niche groups
  • Email
  • Landing pages

How to Make Lawfirm Videos

In the Practice Tips section, you can find a list of the equipment I used and where to buy on Amazon. I already spent two weeks researching to find the best equipment at the best price. Altogether, the tripods microphones and camera gimbal cost less than $400.

I’ll tell you where to find a professional editor or you can use the free video editing software I use. I provide a link to download it with tutorials on how to use the editing software. Following a video tutorial for beginners, I learned the basic functions of the video editing software in 30 minutes to create my first video.

Video Animations

These video animations and many others can be customized for 1-800-HURT-911® licensees for free to use in your videos with your name and website.

This video animation is a lower third and can be customized for your name and website

Intro Animation

Transition Animation

End Card or Intro

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