Accident App

Accident Apps are NOT Effective!

1) They’re just a lawyer advertisement and who wants to install an app advertising a lawyer?

2) The odds of someone in your geographical area finding your accident app on the App Store, downloading and installing it are zero!

The HURT911® Accident App solves BOTH problems.
HURT911 Accident App icon for personal injury lawyers

Features People Want

The HURT911® Accident App provides features people will want including two sets of features sold in other apps, a medication reminder and a pain journal to track pain and emotional state useful for both the client and the lawyer.

There are several medication reminder apps sold and several apps sold to track emotional state for PTSD sufferers but now you can give these out to your clients and potential clients for free.

The HURT911® Accident App for Android and iPhone is almost here and will be packed with many features:

  • Find nearest tow truck service
  • Find nearest taxi
  • Find nearby hospitals
  • Call1-800-HURT-911
  • Integrate your lawyer video into the app
  • Send notifications at any time to app users!
  • Integrates your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Pages
  • Accident toolkit to record information at scene
  • Case toolkit records case expenses, daily journal with pain, activity limitations, emotional state and OTC medications taken
  • Case reports can be emailed to the lawyer
  • Submit accident report for a friend or relative with request for the lawyer to call
  • Send the app to a friend
  • Medication reminder reminds the user to take their medication and records usage

How to Get People to Install the HURT911® Accident App

The way to get people to install your 1-800-HURT-911 Accident App is to ask your existing clients to install and use it to record important information for their case and then send a report to you when you need it.

Once your clients have it installed and start to use the features useful for anyone, they will likely tell their friends about it. You can also send an occasional notice asking them to send the app to friends.

Easily found and recognizable screen icon

HURT911 Accident App icon

Apps include the 1-800-HURT-911 logo and are customized for each law firm. Apps are submitted for you to iTunes and Google PlayStore. There is a small one-time charge of $100 to customize for your law firm and submit to the app stores.