10Magazine ads for personal injury lawyers are very effective when used for advertising to a niche readership.

An additional benefit is that niche magazines are usually inexpensive because they have a small distribution. Both of the magazines pictured below have a distribution of only a few thousand copies.

This is our advertisement for motorcycle accident cases in a motorcycle magazine

Personal injury lawyer advertising a vanity phone number in a motorcycle magazine

Personal Injury Lawyer Advertisement in a Niche Magazine

Advertising agencies may think that niche magazines are expensive because when looking at the price per viewer, they are very expensive.

However, the gross annual cost is not expensive and although niche magazines reach very few people, they are very effective. We spend approximately $10,000 per year to reach just a few thousand motorcyclists but the magazine gets us several motorcycle accident cases every year.

For personal injury advertising, one case will likely pay for several years of advertising in a niche magazine.

Tips for Lawyer Advertising in Magazines

Tip: Although you should never advertise anywhere for a few months to see how it works out, this is especially true with magazines. Readers need to see your advertisement month after month after month. Readers will get to learn where your ad is and will look for your ad in the magazine when they have an accident and need an attorney.

Tip: Advertise in niche magazines that are distributed to their readership for free. Both the magazines shown in the images here are distributed free.

Tip: It’s worth paying more for a better position. The best magazine positions are:

  • Inside front cover
  • Back cover
  • Centerfold
  • Opposite a calendar of events

Tip: Stay in the same position every month unless you can move to a better position.

Tip: Write a monthly legal column for the magazine and get an exclusive so you’re the only lawyer to write the legal column. Print the title of your legal column at the top of your magazine ad every month as shown in the image above.

Tip: Advertising in a niche magazine becomes even more effective when you do additional marketing where you can meet with your target audience.

Lawyer advertising a vanity number in niche magazine for police officers

Personal Injury Attorney Advertising in a Niche Magazine for the Police PBA