Greeting Cards Available

The following are greeting card designs I use in my own law practice and which you can also use. In your control panel, you can easily change the message on the front and inside of the card to anything you want. Greeting card campaigns are set up from your control panel, similar to e-mail campaigns, so you can schedule future holiday and birthday mailings automatically.

Holiday Card (front)

Holiday Card (inside bottom) – version 1

Holiday Card (inside bottom) – version 2

Birthday Card (front)

Birthday Ccard (inside)

Anytime Card “Totally Awesome” (front)

Anytime Card “Totally Awesome” (inside)

4th of July Card (front)

4th of July Card (inside)

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“Spring Safety News” (front)

“Spring Safety News” (inside)

Law Firm Brochure or Newsletter (can be printed vertically on a 3-panel greeting card or on a 4-panel card)

Additional designs available (1-800-HURT-911 logo will be added):

Two Hands Holding Card

Bus Stop Billboard

Wagon Billboard

One Arm Billboard

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