Office Signs

Free Advertising on Billboards For Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers should have offices in high visibility locations or retail storefronts which allow a high visibility sign. This is free advertising for lawyers.

personal injury law office sign 1-800-HURT-911

This lawyer took advantage of free advertising with his storefront sign

The sign on your building or storefront is a free billboard worth enough to pay off your building or pay your rent. In fact, billboards usually cost more than the rent for a retail storefront which can also house your office space.

How to Get Several Free Billboards

We rented a desk in the storefront office below with the vanity phone number brand 1-800-HURT-911 displayed in a large, easy-to-read font on a bright yellow background. Our sign is on a busy street two blocks from a hospital emergency room entrance.

The cost to rent a desk with the right to have a sign is a fraction of the cost of renting the store. We even pay the office manager to help us when potential clients walk in off the street.

See how we give out T-shirts in front of our store and at the annual street fair

This one location brought in cases worth millions of dollars in just one year.Personal injury lawyer sign advertising 1-800-HURT-911 on store front

Because the cost to rent a desk is so much less expensive than renting the entire storefront office, you can afford to rent a desk in several storefront offices.

Another huge advantage is that each location can be used to get a free Google My Business listing. Just one free Google Business listing brings us several cases per year.

personal injury lawyer advertising with free Google My Business local listing

Personal injury lawyer’s Google My Business local listing

The Wrong Way To Design a Law Office Sign

The image below shows a lawyer’s building with the attorney’s name boldly on the large sign. Does anyone know who he is or even cares?

He has the right idea and even has a vanity phone number but his sign was poorly designed. Instead of branding his vanity phone number, he is branding his name.

The attorney’s vanity phone number is on a very small sign on the right. Cars passing by are all turning to the left looking in the direction of the large sign and will never notice the small sign with the lawyer’s vanity phone number.

A better way to design the sign would be to put the vanity phone number on the large sign and the law firm’s name on the sign on the right corner of the building. The vanity phone number provides instant, impressive branding and would bring many new clients if it was on the large sign.

The line “Attorneys & Counselors at Law” on the large sign is unnecessary and does nothing to attract potential clients. Instead, a website name with the word injury or accident tells potential clients what you do and gives them the address of your website at the same time.

Law office sign comparison

This attorney’s sign wasted free advertising

Free Billboards From Events

When you go to events with your 1-800-HURT-911® brand on your tent, take a photo and upload it to Google Maps for the location you were at. This photo taken in front of our tent in Applebee’s parking lot was uploaded to Google Maps and had 81,941 views in one year at no cost to us.

free lawyer billboard

See how to advertise your law office with the 1-800-HURT-911® brand.