Office Signs

Law Office Signs

Personal injury lawyers should have offices in high visibility locations or retail storefronts which allow a high visibility sign.

The sign on your building or storefront is a free billboard worth enough to pay off your building or pay your rent. In fact billboards usually cost more than the rent for a retail storefront which can also house your office space.

The wrong way to design a law office sign

The image below shows a lawyer’s building with the attorney’s name boldly on the large sign. Does anyone know who he is or even care?

He has the right idea and even has a vanity phone number but his signed was poorly designed.

The attorney’s vanity phone number is on a very small sign on the right. Cars passing by are all turning to the left looking in the direction of the large sign and will never notice the small sign with the lawyer’s vanity phone number.

The better way to design the sign would be to put the vanity phone number on the large sign and the law firm name on the sign of the right corner of the building. The vanity phone number provides instant, impressive branding and would bring many new clients if it was on the large sign.

The line “Attorneys & Counselors at Law” on the large sign is unnecessary and does nothing to attract potential clients. Instead, a website name with the word injury or accident tells potential clients what you do and gives them the address of your website at the same time.

Law office sign comparison

The right way to design a law office sign

The image below shows the vanity phone number displayed in a large, easy to read font which can be seen almost one block away (from the hospital emergency room entrance). This sign is much smaller than the large sign in the photo above by provides impressive branding attracting potential clients.

Personal injury lawyer sign advertising 1-800-HURT-911 on store front

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