Online Reviews

Online reviews are vital to personal injury advertising for a myriad of reasons. The easiest way to get online reviews is to use software that automatically sends an email and text message to your client requesting a review.

Sending a request for a review by text message is far more important than sending a request by email. Text messages are seen immediately and almost always opened.

text message asking for review

This text message asking for a review of a personal injury lawyer is boring, can be mistaken for spam, or just overlooked.

Clients should not be requested to post a review while in a lawyer’s office because that is against Google guidelines and easily identified. We call our clients to ask them if they will be willing to post a review and let them know they will get a text message and email within a minute.

So our clients immediately recognize the request and because it’s important to continually promote the brand, we send text message requests with the HURT911® logo.

Personal injury lawyers licensing 1-800-HURT-911® get the use of the text message logo below just as with all our other HURT911® logos and images.

Compare the difference between the plain text message above without the logo which looks boring and could easily be overlooked, and the text message below with the logo which immediately attracts attention and reinforces the brand. How do you want to send text messages requesting reviews for your personal injury law firm?

text message with a logo image asking for review

This text message has an exciting, attractive design and is instantly identified with the HURT911® brand. This text message asking for your review will not be overlooked!

When a review is requested, a text message and email are sent out simultaneously. Reminders text messages and emails are also sent until a designated number of times or the client submits a review.

Below is the email reminder

Email requesting a review