Best Holiday Cards for Personal Injury Lawyers

The best holiday cards for personal injury lawyers are sent automatically like an email campaign! Personal injury lawyers can also send birthday cards automatically!

How Effective Is Sending Holiday Cards for a Personal Injury Law Firm?

Sending personalized holiday cards for personal injury lawyers and birthday cards by U.S. mail to clients is so effective that one personal injury lawyer told me he grew to 15 offices just by sending personalized holiday and birthday cards but he pays a full-time employee who signs and sends the cards all year long.

Ken Hardison of PILMMA concurs with the effectiveness of sending personal holiday and birthday cards in this video but he sends cards the old way.

Sending letters to suicidal patients reduced the suicide rate by about 50%. Letters with only 2 short sentences were sent to patients who had been hospitalized for suicide and depression. The letters reduced the suicide rate because they were perceived as coming from someone who cared about them even though the letters were so short.

Dick Larkin, former VP of TransWestern Publishing/Yellow was one of the most experienced executives in the yellow page business. Now an online and mobile marketing expert at, he said about sending birthday cards and greeting cards, “I hate to admit it, but it’s about a billion times more effective than Yellow Pages.”

Why Sending Holiday Cards Is So Effective

It’s no wonder it’s so successful because personalized greeting cards result in a nearly 100% open rate for delivered cards and create good feelings. E-mails are impersonal and get lost in spam filters. The average open rate for email is a paltry 11.4%. If actually opened, they are usually ignored.

Even worse, clients and prospective clients who use Gmail won’t even see your emails because Google sends all emails sent from any email campaign company to the Promotional folder which is even harder to get to than the Spam folder.

E-mail is so impersonal that I don’t even respond to friends who send me a birthday email. Personal injury lawyers send impersonal bulk holiday cards in the US mail that are even more insulting.

How To Send Holiday Cards Effectively

Are you currently wasting your time and money sending stock personal injury cards for lawyers like this Holiday card a personal injury lawyer sent me? The envelope has a bulk postage meter stamp and a stick-on mailing label. I just throw these in the garbage!

Holiday Card envelope showing mailing label

The front doesn’t show who the sender isHoliday Cards for lawyers showing snow scene

The inside has a printed message “Warmest Greetings” but isn’t signed —not very warm or heartfelt!
Inside of Holiday Cards for lawyers showing it's not signed

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But now you can automatically mail 1-800-HURT-911 holiday and birthday cards in the US mail!

HURT911® cards are mailed with a first-class stamp on the envelope and personalized with the address and return address in a handwriting font.

Even the front of the card is personalized with the recipient’s name (see below).

The inside of the card is personalized with “Dear __” and includes your personal message and signature while delivering a heartfelt and humorous message.

1-800-HURT-911 holiday and birthday cards can easily be customized for your personal injury law firm.

HURT911® envelopes look handwritten & have a First Class postage stamp
envelope looks handwritten

Birthday Card for Personal Injury Lawyer

birthday card message shows branding for lawyers

Greeting cards generate the best calls and personal injury clients: calls from existing clients, previous clients, and referrals. It’s also the most cost-effective method of advertising.

Now, it’s even more cost-effective because the automatic system saves you the cost of labor to address, sign, stuff, apply postage, and send the cards!  1-800-HURT-911 cards only cost $0.93 per card plus first-class postage. Your office staff is free to continue working on your cases.

How do you make an extremely successful and cost-effective campaign of holiday cards for personal injury lawyers substantially more successful?

By adding the powerful 1-800-HURT-911® brand on your cards. People will remember your act of kindness and will remember how to call you. Sending personalized holiday cards and birthday cards to clients should be part of any personal injury advertising campaign and are the best way to generate goodwill and new personal injury referrals.

Greeting card for personal Injury lawyers

Inside of lawyer advertising greeting card showing message and signature

Donna R. at a personal injury law firm said:
Got my card today….. I am awesome!    Is this all done automatically, like the envelope getting addressed and all, cause it looks great!

The most expensive part of sending holiday cards and birthday cards to clients is the cost of employee labor. Now, you can completely do away with manually sending greeting cards by using an automatic system that will do it for you just like an automatic email campaign but with real cards sent in the US mail. Birthday cards are automatically sent to your clients one week before their birthday.

All birthday cards and holiday cards for lawyers are sent in the US mail with a first-class stamp in an envelope with a handwriting font for both the address and return address so it looks like you mailed it yourself (no mailing label).

Cards are personalized by automatically inserting your client’s name in the appropriate spots and your actual signature can be inserted on the card or just use a computerized handwriting font for your signature. The cards are printed on high-quality paper with a glossy coating and look fabulous!

Sending 1-800-HURT-911 greeting cards to 2,000 personal injury clients costs only $1,860 ($0.93 per card at the time of writing this article) plus first-class postage and you don’t have to pay anything for labor!

Without the hassle and the cost of labor, you can easily do an annual campaign sending three or four mailings including an anytime greeting card like our “Awesome” card; Fourth of July card; holiday card; and birthday card! Try doing that with your office staff by personalizing and signing the cards; addressing the envelopes by hand; stuffing the envelopes; and putting a first-class stamp on the envelopes.

Tip:  To whom should you send holiday cards for lawyers? Of course, current and former clients, but don’t forget callers who don’t have worthwhile cases. You paid good money to get them to call you and since they called, your advertising and branding have already worked. When they call, you probably get their name and phone number.  Make sure you also get their address and say “… and if you give me the month and day of your birthday I’ll even send you a birthday card”. Not all, but most people will give you their birth date. They may have a good case in the future or recommend a friend or family member.

Tip: When should you send cards?  At least three but preferably four times per year.  You should send a card in the spring; for the fourth of July; a holiday card in November; and a birthday card.

Tip: When you start advertising with 1-800-HURT-911, you’ll get access to the login page showing you how I use these cards to get lots of serious injury cases and you can too.

It’s so easy, inexpensive, and effective that you’ll want to do it often and grow your contact list. In less than a year, one HURT911® lawyer sent 2,000 cards on the first mailing; 3,000 cards on the second mailing; and over 5,000 cards on the third mailing.  He partly grew his list by adding callers from TV advertising who did not have a case.

When you do a 1-800-HURT-911 holiday and birthday card campaign, we can even set it up for you. All you have to do is provide the names, addresses, and birth months & days of your clients, former clients, and people who call but who you decline to represent.

For more information about sending holiday cards for personal injury lawyers, see direct mail for lawyers or just license 1-800-HURT-911 for your exclusive territory now by calling Phil Franckel, Esq. at 1-888-505-5464. Make sure personalized greeting cards are a part of your personal injury advertising campaign.