How to Track Calls With a Vanity Phone Number

Q. How do I track calls with a vanity phone number from online ads?

A.  You can easily track calls with a vanity phone number for free on websites and landing pages by using a simple HTML code (see below) to link any image or text on your website or landing page to your vanity phone number. 

Two Ways to Track Calls to a Vanity Phone Number

  1. There are call tracking services for vanity phone numbers provided by the call routing company we use and other companies, but you don’t need them.
  2. Tracking calls from Google Ads and landing pages with a vanity phone number is simple to do yourself for free by using a simple HTML code.

This article will show you how to use a vanity phone number with tracking phone numbers.

Why You Want to Use Both a Tracking Number and a Vanity Phone Number

  1. The branding power of a vanity phone number is what gets people to call you or click on your Google Ads. We use the branding power of our vanity phone number 1-800-HURT-911® to get people to call us and click on our Google Ads. See how using a vanity phone number increases ROI from Google Ads.
  2. Tracking numbers linked to a vanity phone number allow you to know which Google Ads and landing pages are performing well.

We’re personal injury lawyers in New York and advertise 1-800-HURT-911® on our website, Google Ads, and landing pages. We track all calls to our call center from our landing pages by linking a tracking number to our vanity phone number using the HTML code below. We haven’t begun tracking calls from our website yet but will soon. 

Because we use 1-800-HURT-911® in the title of our Google Ads, our conversion rate has ranged from 71.70% to 96.55%.

What’s your conversion rate? On average, the conversion rate for lawyers is less than 10%. If you already have a vanity phone number for personal injury advertising, use it in your Google Ads title.

Now you have the advantage of using both a vanity phone number to increase your Google Quality Score and ROI and the analytics provided by call tracking phone numbers.

How to Link a Vanity Phone Number to a Tracking Number

The HTML code to link any vanity phone number, tracking number, or any other phone number to text or a graphic image is:

<a href="tel:123-456-7890">1-800-HURT-911®</a>

Just replace 123-456-7890 with the tracking phone number, you want to use.

Everywhere you have 1-800-HURT-911 on your website or landing page or an image of the 1-800-HURT-911® logo, just link the text or image to the code.

This text is linked to a phone number (nonworking) so you can try it

This image is also linked to a phone number (nonworking)
How To Track Calls With a Vanity Phone Number? Just link this 1-800-HURT-911 logo to a tracking number.

Can I Use Multiple Tracking Numbers With a Vanity Phone Number?

Yes. Just change the HTML code for each tracking number.

How to Track Calls With a Vanity Phone Number From Smartphones

Most of the calls from our Google Ads for personal injury lawyers come from smartphones. With online advertising, people press a button on their smartphone to make a call rather than dialing the phone number.

Wherever you have the vanity phone number 1-800-HURT-911® or the numeric version 1-800-487-8911 either in text, graphic image, or a call button, just link it to your call tracking phone number. That’s it!

That’s what we do. 1-800-HURT-911® is used as our brand to get people to call and the calls go through several different tracking phone numbers. Callers don’t even know they called through a tracking phone number. They think they called our vanity phone number 1-800-HURT-911.

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Be sure to use the right tracking numbers to reduce spam calls and people calling the wrong number.

To maximize ROI and reduce wasted ad spend, you should also use lead management software for law firms to manage and track your leads from advertising.

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2 Tips How to Stop Spam Calls to Call Tracking Phone Numbers

Personal injury lawyers love Google Ads and often use toll-free tracking numbers for analytics. You may have several call tracking phone numbers in your ads, on landing pages, and even on your website.

But you’re probably wondering how to stop spam calls to call tracking phone numbers because when your call tracking numbers receive a lot of spam calls and calls from people who dialed the wrong number, it’s costing you a lot of money.

Will Google Charge Me for Wrong Numbers and Spam Calls on My Google Ads?

You will NOT be charged by Google when someone calls your tracking number directly because the call never went through Google Ads.

Google will not charge you unless someone clicks on your Google Ad or Google Call Button. Wrong numbers and spam calls are dialed directly to your tracking number and not your Google Ads.

Spam Calls and Calls From People Who Dialed the Wrong Number Are Costly!

The real cost of spam calls and wrong numbers is the cost of your call center operators and the potentially valuable calls they miss.

Spam calls tie up call center operators or your staff and because they were busy answering spam calls, they may miss calls from valuable personal injury clients. Spam calls and wrong numbers also create analytical problems.

How to Reduce Wrong Numbers and Spam Calls to Your Call Tracking Numbers

Use only non-toll-free tracking numbers with Google Ads. If you’re getting too many spam calls, ask your Google Ads campaign manager to change the tracking number. If you really want to use a toll-free tracking number, never use a tracking number with 800 or 888.

A lawyer advertising our personal injury vanity phone number 1-800-HURT-911® with an 800 tracking number complained that his call center was getting many calls unrelated to accidents and that the callers were dialing an 800 number that was not 1-800-HURT-911. The calls were tying up his call center and causing problems with analytics.

These people called 800 toll-free call tracking phone numbers used by the Google Ads campaign management company the lawyer was using.

What was happening? The unwanted calls which had nothing to do with personal injury or accidents were “misdials” (the caller called the wrong number) to the 800 tracking number. People saw a toll-free phone number somewhere with another toll-free exchange such as 888-XXX-XXXX and dialed 800 by mistake.

Why were there misdials? 800 has become a brand in itself. People see a phone number such as 888-XXX-XXXX or 866-XXX-XXXX and they instinctively dial 800-XXX-XXXX.

The solution to stop unwanted calls to a tracking number is to use a non-toll-free tracking number or a toll-free exchange that’s not 800 or 888.

What If I Don’t Use a Toll-Free Tracking Number and Still Get Spam Calls?

If you’re using a non-toll-free tracking number and still receive wrong numbers, just ask your Google Ads campaign manager or the company providing the call tracking number to change the tracking number.

When we started using call tracking phone numbers, one of them received a lot of wrong numbers (misdials) and spam calls just like I do on my home and cell phones. We simply changed the tracking number. Unfortunately, I can’t change my home and cell phone numbers.

Some of your call tracking phone numbers may be used for a long time without problems and suddenly start receiving wrong numbers or spam calls. Again, just change the tracking number and the problem will go away.

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3 Tips Will Save a Fortune With Google Ads In 3 Minutes

Advertising for personal injury with Google Ads? There are 3 quick easy ways to save money and run a more efficient Google Ads campaign. (Google Ads was formally known as Google AdWords.)

Not only will you get more clicks for your Google Ads dollar but you’ll get far fewer irrelevant calls from people who weren’t injured in an accident. When you pay Google for irrelevant calls it also uses up your office staff time speaking with those callers or costs you money at your call center.

With these three methods, we eliminated 100% of irrelevant searches/clicks and, although not all calls are viable personal injury cases, every call has been from someone injured in an accident.

Change Your Google Ads Keyword Bidding Type

Use broad match modifiers. We switched our keyword bidding from broad match to modified broad match and eliminated many irrelevant searches/clicks. The results were seen immediately and were astounding.

Don’t know what broad match modifiers are? It’s a less general method of targeting searches on Google. But maybe you don’t even want to know what it is. It doesn’t matter. Just tell your Google Ads manager you want to try using modified broad match keywords. If you don’t like it, you can always switch back to broad match. If you want to read about it, see Wordstream’s explanation of modified broad match keywords; See Google instructions on how to set up broad match modifiers.

Note: Using broad match modifiers will result in fewer clicks and therefore fewer good clicks and accident cases retained because it’s more targeted. But you’ll get a lot less bad clicks. Just spend the money you saved in other geographic areas if you want more cases.

As an example, I might get 10 cases out of 100 clicks using broad match keywords costing $12,500 @$125 per click and $1,250 per case but get 8 cases out of 40 clicks using modified broad match keywords costing $625 per case.

You can just keep your daily budget the same and Google will show your ads to more qualified leads. If you max out your budget for your targeted geographic area, just add more areas.

Our Google Ads campaign manager cautioned against using broad match modified keywords because we would get far fewer clicks but for our Google Ads campaign, it transformed our results. It’s a no-brainer. We were advertising in only one county but did not max out the budget for that county so we are just getting better calls without affecting our retained case volume. We just get fewer clicks and calls.

Use Practice Specific Negative Keywords For Personal Injury Lawyers

Using negative keywords specifically for personal injury lawyers is the most important tip here to save you money when using Google Ads.

What are negative keywords? Negative keywords prevent your ads from being shown to people searching for those words.

Google defines Negative Keywords as: “A type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase. Your ads aren’t shown to anyone who is searching for that phrase.”

We paid $145 for a click when someone called to ask us to review a document. The search he made was “lawyer to review document”. We added the words “contract” and “document” as negative keywords and Google will no longer show our ads to anyone using the word “contract” or “document”. Again, as with keywords, there are different types of matching for negative keywords.

I see Google Ads all the time for personal injury lawyers when doing searches that no personal injury lawyer would want their ads to be shown for. It has to be costing them a fortune and they don’t even know it.

This image shows the results for a search which Google Suggest shows people are searching for, “auto accident lawyer no injury near me”. Two personal injury lawyers are advertising for that search and will pay for the clicks!

google search for "auto accident lawyer no injury"

Two lawyers advertising for a Google search “auto accident lawyer no injury near me”

Or how about these two Google Ads by personal injury lawyers advertising for “eviction lawyer”? Do you want to pay for the clicks!

Google search for "eviction lawyer"

These personal injury lawyers are advertising for “eviction lawyer”!

We started our Google Ads campaign using a Google Ads campaign manager who uploaded several lists of a few thousand negative keywords. Most of those negative keywords have nothing to do with law but one of his lists was to eliminate searches for fields of law, such as divorce, which are unrelated to injuries and accidents.

Our Google Ads campaign manager developed his negative keyword list for personal injury by managing Google Ads for other personal injury lawyers and continually adding negative keywords to the list. That was good but the problem is that he didn’t see every keyword ever searched for a lawyer and since he’s not a personal injury lawyer, he doesn’t understand the subtle nuances in fields of law and what type of cases we want or don’t want.

Consequently, we were paying for clicks from searches unrelated to personal injury. So, I spent several days researching negative keywords for a personal injury lawyer advertising on Google and uploaded my own list (you can upload many lists).

Even I couldn’t think of every negative keyword or find everything from my research. for two months I looked at our Google Ads account overview page every day to see what keyword searches we paid for but didn’t want. Now, I check every few days. Over time, I added a few more negative keywords here and there.

How to Research Negative Keywords for Personal Injury Lawyers

First, for at least the first few months, look at your Google Ads account overview page to see what keyword searches you are paying for. Tell your Google campaign manager about every keyword search you don’t want to pay for so it can be added to negative keywords.

Second, write down a list of every negative keyword you can think of that would cause a personal injury lawyer to spend money on a wasted click. Negative keywords such as eviction, ticket, prosecution, lemon, and trademark will prevent useless searches that will cost you money.

Third, research on Google to find fields of law that you either hadn’t thought about or didn’t even know existed. I have a friend who does space law, yes there is a need for that more than ever and he’s been doing it for at least 30 years.

Fourth, start researching keywords people use for those areas of law you don’t want. Search on Google for “find keywords” and you will find keyword tools you can use.

Personal injury lawyers who license 1-800-HURT-911® can get a free list of negative keywords for personal injury lawyers from us.

Use a Google Ads Campaign Manager and Work With Him or Her

I have an extensive resume which includes studying aeronautical engineering, being one of the first computer hackers in 1971, starting and managing several businesses, managing our advertising and websites, but I also have a personal injury law practice. If I don’t have the time or expertise to manage a Google Ads campaign, you don’t. That’s why we use a Google Ads campaign management company.

However, your Google Ads campaign manager needs and deserves a little help if you’re looking to stay competitive with Google Ads. While you’re not an expert on Google Ads, your campaign manager isn’t an expert on personal injury law. Help your campaign manager out by finding additional keywords that aren’t already in his or her list.

Bonus Tip #1 – How To Get Your Google Ad Noticed and Clicked

Mixing numbers, letters and symbols in your Google Ads title will increase conversions and ROI. If that mix is a brand, the increase is even more substantial.

If you have a vanity phone number use it in your Google Ads title on the left side of the title. If your vanity phone number is trademarked, use the registered trademark symbol ®. If it’s not registered, use ™.

Because ® and ™ are symbols, it attracts attention and increases conversions. Additionally, using a trademark symbol indicates a brand which also increases conversions.

See the astounding results achieved by using 1-800-HURT-911® in our Google Ads title.

Bonus Tip #2 – Enable Google Seller Ratings

If you have reviews on Google, enable Google seller ratings to add star ratings to your Google Ads making them stand out from your competition.

Read more about how advertising for personal injury lawyers with 1-800-HURT-911® will skyrocket your caseload.

Avvo and FindLaw vs Google Ads Comparison

Is it Worth Advertising With Avvo, FindLaw, or Google Ads?

Our comparison of Avvo and FindLaw vs Google Ads shows no comparison. Google Ads is the clear winner and only contender.

My personal injury law firm advertised with Avvo for several years and still did at the time I wrote this article.

We also signed a one-year advertising agreement with Martindale Hubbell but to be fair, I didn’t spend enough time setting up our profiles.

We have been advertising with Google Ads for a couple of years since giving up on Avvo. See our results with Google Ads for personal injury lawyers. We have a distinct advantage with Google Ads but even without that advantage, Google Ads is the clear winner.

Our Experience With Avvo

We monopolized motorcycle ads on Avvo within a large geographic area approximately 150 miles across. We were at the top of a three-pack of ads in most of the areas near us and kept taking more areas as they were given up. It seemed like a great deal because motorcycle ads on Avvo were very cheap and motorcycle cases are worth more than most other personal injury cases.

Avvo yielded very few results but was still worthwhile because of the value of motorcycle accident cases and the low cost of Avvo ads. We retained 3 cases worth $50,000 in legal fees from Avvo in the first two years which made the advertising worthwhile because of the very low cost of motorcycle ads which was approximately $3,700 in two years. We also got some leads that weren’t viable cases but at least they were legitimate leads.

After four years, we stopped advertising with Avvo because in the last two years we didn’t retain any cases or get any legitimate leads. Avvo just stopped working. See below what happened and why Avvo just stopped working.

When Avvo was working, it was nowhere near as effective as Google Ads or our law firm website. Since we weren’t getting any leads anymore, we decided to cancel and spend the money on Google Ads which will yield two cases for that amount.

I also had a paid Pro profile listing on Avvo with a 10 rating and my profile indicates that my law practice is 50% personal injury and 50% motorcycle accident cases. I paid for the Pro profile because the Pro designation logo made the listing stand out from other listings and it removed competitor ads from my profile.

But at some point after discontinuing advertising with Avvo, I noticed that the Pro designation logo was gone and was told that Avvo no longer uses it. They were probably forced to drop it.

Avvo now only removes competitor ads from the profile when paying. Without the Pro designation, I decided to stop paying for the Avvo Pro membership since two years of that money will yield one case on Google Ads.

Our Avvo rep was surprised we were giving up our ads because he said we get so many calls and emails. But after we stopped getting some legitimate leads from Avvo, all the calls and emails were from salespeople or potential personal injury clients who had no case and already called every lawyer they could.

The screen capture below shows an example of the emails we get.

avvo lead from potential personal injury client


Why Aren’t Avvo and FindLaw Still Effective?

The simple reason is that potential clients who are looking to hire a personal injury lawyer no longer see Avvo, FindLaw, and other attorney directories when they look for a lawyer on Google.

Google knows when someone is looking for a lawyer, plumber, pizza shop or just looking for information. Google changes the results page depending on the search intent. If the searcher is looking for a lawyer, Google morphs into the Google yellow pages and the organic search results where Avvo and FindLaw might appear, are so far down the page that no one bothers to look there.

Avvo, FindLaw, and other attorney directories are simply no longer immediately visible when someone searches for a personal injury lawyer. Sometimes they are difficult to find and with voice search, they can’t be found at all. But Google Ads can always be found.

Avvo and FindLaw used to have a chance in the organic search results when there were three Google Ads above the natural search results. But Google added the local map above the natural search results and now the local map has ads.

Today, Google Ads has simply crowded out its competition. FindLaw Is well aware of the problem. My FindLaw rep admitted this to me. Furthermore, recognizing this, FindLaw now recommends and offers Google Ad campaign management.

Desktop Computers

On a desktop computer, the organic search results are now below the fold so someone looking for a personal injury lawyer won’t see the top organic search results without scrolling down below the ads. On my computer, I had to scroll down below the fold to see Avvo.

The screenshot below of my desktop computer shows that only the ads were seen on the screen. On some monitors, someone may also see the map but will have to scroll down to see the natural search results.

Mobile Search

The problem also exists on mobile. Most people search for a personal injury lawyer on their smartphones. Our results with Google Ads revealed that 92.3% of clicks came from smartphones; 5.1% from desktops; and 2.6% from tablets.

Percent of searches on smartphone vs desktop

92.3% of Google Ad clicks from people searching for a personal injury lawyer came from smartphones (red). 5.1% Desktop searches (blue); 2.6% tablets (orange).

On a smartphone, Google Ads take up the entire screen. Below the Ads are the map, local listings, questions, and then organic search results.

I had to swipe my screen 3 times to get to the natural search results with LegalMatch at the bottom of the screen; 4 times to see FindLaw, and 5 times to see Justia and Avvo.

Google search for personal injury lawyers on smartphone

Mobile Voice Search

But the problem gets worse on mobile with Google voice search where Avvo, Findlaw, Justia, and LegalMatch can’t be found.

The number of people using voice search to find local businesses is skyrocketing because it works really well and it’s so easy. According to, “65% of 25-49 year-olds speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once per day.”

Below is a screenshot of what Google shows when I asked Google to “find a personal injury lawyer near me”. Google showed its local business listings and it’s not even possible to scroll down the screen to find natural search results. Google didn’t even show Google Ads but they are now selling Google Ads in the local business listings.

If you’re not in Google local business listings, you won’t be found when someone does a voice search for a personal injury lawyer.

Screenshot showing result when asking Google for "personal injury lawyer near me"

This is the screen shown on my phone after a Google voice search to “find a personal injury lawyer near me”. Users cannot scroll down to see any other results.

Avvo and Findlaw vs Google Ads

Nothing can compete with Google Ads for personal injury lawyers because, well, Google owns the ad space.

While Avvo returned more than it cost in the first two years, it was no match against Google Ads even when Avvo was working and it no longer works. Google Ads are consistent. We know exactly what we will get with Google Ads.

When people search on Google for a personal injury lawyer, they can click on your Google Ad or call button and reach you directly.

When people reach you through Avvo, FindLaw, Justia, or LegalMatch they have to:

  1. Search on Google for a personal injury lawyer;
  2. Scroll down the Google results page past the ads, map, and local listings;
  3. Click on a link to Avvo, FindLaw, or one of the other lawyer directories;
  4. After clicking on one of the lawyer directories they have to search for a lawyer all over again.

This is the Avvo search page someone will find after clicking on the link to Avvo. From here, hopefully, someone will search in your city and find your ad on Avvo.

Avvo search page

After searching in Google and clicking on Avvo, someone will have to search a second time on Avvo where maybe they will find your ad on Avvo

Advantages of Google Ads

  • People find you directly on Google
  • People don’t have to search twice
  • Your ad gets seen when organic search results usually don’t
  • Works immediately – you will get cases within days
  • Consistency. We know exactly what we will get with Google Ads
  • Get as many or as few cases as you want
  • Pause your advertising when you want

Disadvantages of Google Ads

  • Requires a larger advertising budget than Avvo or FindLaw
  • Requires account management

Advantages of Avvo, FindLaw & Other Lawyer Directories

  • Inexpensive
  • Gives you added exposure

Disadvantages of Avvo, FindLaw & Other Lawyer Directories

  • You can’t get as many cases as you want
  • It’s difficult for people to find you

Comparison of Avvo,, FindLaw, Super Lawyers, Justia & Yelp

Interested to know which of these lawyer directories have higher rankings in the Google organic search results? Everest Legal Marketing compares the Google search results for the top legal directories and provides the results annually.

Their results show that FindLaw is the clear winner, especially for personal injury lawyers. You can see a graphic of their results in Los Angeles and you can download an Excel file with the results for Houston, Chicago, New York, and Jacksonville.

Improve Your Results from Google Ads, Avvo, FindLaw, Justia, or LegalMatch

Whether you’re advertising with Google Ads, Avvo, FindLaw, Justia, or LegalMatch, you can improve results by using a vanity phone number in your online ads.

Improve Your Results from Google Ads

If you’re advertising with Google Ads or plan to, read 3 Tips Will Save a Fortune With Google Ads In 3 Minutes

What’s Your Experience With Avvo, FindLaw, Justia, LegalMatch, Google Ads, or Others? Leave a comment below!

If you have had a good or bad experience with Avvo, FindLaw, Justia, LegalMatch, or any other legal directory, or if you have any other information you can provide to compare Avvo and FindLaw vs Google Ads please post a comment about it below.

Who Should Manage Your Google Ad Words Campaign?

Quick answer: Find a Google Ads agency experienced with PPC advertising for personal injury lawyers. Don’t do it yourself, don’t use Google, and don’t use a social media marketer or marketing person unless it’s a company that has a Google Ads manager.

Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers

Managing a Google Ad Campaign Requires a Lot of Time, Knowledge & Experience

Managing a Google Ad Words (now called Google Ads) campaign is a time-consuming and difficult task which requires a lot of knowledge and experience. I know this because I am overseeing our Google Ads campaign manager.

I am already an expert on branding, advertising and search engine optimization which is a big help. To get ready for our online campaign, I spent several days reading a lot of articles and tutorials about Google Ads.

I found that the knowledge necessary to become proficient at managing a Google Ads campaign will take a few months of studying and experience. Then you have to stay on top of it because Google constantly changes things.

It’s a good idea to have a rudimentary knowledge of how Google Ads works so you can at least understand what your campaign manager is doing and recognize when your manager is doing a good job or not.

Should You Use a Google Ad Manager Who Represents Other Personal Injury Lawyers?

Yes, definitely. We retained a Google Ad agency specifically because they represent other personal injury lawyers.

We retained a new personal injury client on the first day of advertising with Google Ads but there were a large number of clicks and calls completely unrelated to accidents.

Before we started, our campaign manager uploaded several large lists of negative keywords to prevent unwanted clicks. He used a very good negative keyword list developed from his experience with advertising for other personal injury lawyers.

Negative keywords prevent ads from showing to people you don’t want to hear from. For instance, a personal injury lawyer would use “bankruptcy” as a negative keyword. There are several different methods of using a keyword which requires knowledge because the wrong way can cause problems.

After a week, I created and uploaded my own list of negative keywords which eliminated all of the unrelated clicks but also substantially reduced impressions. My experience with search engine optimization and especially being a personal injury lawyer was helpful in finding additional negative keywords.

A good negative keyword list is imperative to prevent blowing your ad budget in five minutes. A Google Ad manager who represents other personal injury lawyers will have the experience to develop a good negative keyword list.

What Happens When You Don’t Use a Knowledgeable Google Ad Manager?

In this article about how a Google Ad campaign was ruined when the daily ad budget was used up in the first 20 minutes, you can see that the author, a social media marketer,  who was tasked with running the Google Ad campaign knew nothing about what she was doing.

She relied on the Google rep to set up and manage the campaign without any of her own knowledge about how that should be done. She blames Google for screwing up and blaming her client when the fault was her own. This is a real-world example of why you need a real Google Ad manager and not someone who will farm it out to Google.

While our campaign has been going on, I spoke with several people on different levels at Google. While they have been very helpful, I found they don’t always know what they are talking about and are often wrong.

My Google Ad rep has at least been very honest and tells me when he doesn’t know the answer because he has learned not to steer people wrong. A higher level Google Tech who called me, however, was flat out wrong on several points and didn’t know what to say when I proved he was wrong.

My Google Ad rep was convinced that his team could set up a better keyword campaign but after his team looked at what our manager set up, he said our manager did a great job.

Even though I now have substantial knowledge about Google Ads, keywords and negative keywords, I still don’t have the knowledge necessary to manage the campaign and I certainly don’t have the time. Fortunately, we use a Google Ad manager who knows what he’s doing.

Read more articles about advertising for personal injury lawyers

How to Design a Landing Page for a Google Ad Campaign for Personal Injury Lawyers

If you are using Google Ads and sending visitors to your law firm website, you’re making a big mistake and losing a lot of business. Your visitors should be sent to a landing page specifically for personal injury lawyers.

Why use a landing page for Google Ads Pay Per Click advertising? Read, How to Increase Calls from PPC & Online Ads.

Additionally, you should be using more than one landing page. You should have a general catchall landing page for personal injury accidents. But you should also have landing pages for specific accidents.

Landing Pages for General Personal Injury Accidents

This landing page, below, for a personal injury lawyer was designed in four sections displayed on one page but is shown here in for images, one for each section.

This landing page has substantial advantages over a law firm website for converting potential clients coming from Google Ads. When a potential client clicks on a Google Ad, the potential client is looking to either speak with or hire a lawyer.

Landing pages are designed specifically to get people coming from Google Ads to call you. If you send these people to your law firm website, many of them will get lost and never call you.

9 Most Important Aspects on This Lawyer’s Landing Page

  1. Header image – communicates the brand; what the lawyer does; and call to action
  2. Video testimonial
  3. Photo of personal injury lawyer
  4. Benefits for potential clients
  5. Award logo badges create confidence in ability
  6. Reviews
  7. Results
  8. 4 click to call buttons with tracking numbers
  9. Chat service

Your landing page should convey these emotions:

  • Make people feel empowered
  • Make people feel comfortable in their choice
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Create a sense of value
  • Create a good feeling
  • Project that we are experts
  • Create a sense that it’s a smart choice to choose us

The more important items are on the left side of the page because website visitors tend to look to the left. Landing page hosting companies provide analytical tools to improve the performance of your landing page. One of those tools is a heat map which shows what potential clients are looking at when they land on your page.

Note that the most important items are on the left side of the landing page:

  • Brand and slogan on the left side of the header image
  • Video testimonial
  • Benefits to potential clients

What to Leave out of Your Landing Page

What’s missing? Notably absent from our landing page is the “email your personal injury case and accident information to us” form! These forms take up a lot of valuable space; are the least desirable method to have potential clients contact you; and will rarely ever be used.

Calls convert 10 to 15 times more often than website leads from forms, according to BIA Advisory Services in “PHONE CALLS ARE THE NEW CLICK: The True SMB Marketing Opportunity”.

Our experience with website leads is that most people will call; some people will use the chat service and no one has ever used our email form. Instead of wasting precious space on your landing page with an email form, use a chat service.

Read How to Get More Clients from Your Attorney Website for more information about using a chat service.

According to an online advertiser for lawyers, Big Mouth Marketing, “An inbound phone call is worth 5-10 times more than form fills for PI attorneys”.

We agree! When people call us, we get them retained within minutes by emailing a retainer to them using Adobe Sign.

The following four sections are broken up for this article but appear on one landing page.

Section 1 shows the header image with branding; video testimonial; and photo of the personal injury lawyer above the fold.

The trademarked vanity phone number brand is prominently displayed with the brand’s slogan in the header image which makes the visitor want to call this lawyer. The slogan is also a call to action.

There are two blue click to call buttons in this section. The numeric version of the vanity phone number is also shown.

It should be noted that the vanity phone number is used for branding and conversion, that is to increase the number of calls. However, calls are not placed through the vanity phone number. Wherever a phone number appears as a vanity phone number or its numeric phone number, they are linked to tracking numbers. Call buttons are also linked to tracking numbers.

Personal injury lawyer landing page section 1

Section 2 shows the benefits to potential clients on the left with a blue click to call button and a magazine ad is shown on the right side.

Personal Injury Lawyer Landing Page Section 2

Section 3 shows several award logo badges on the left from Avvo and the Multi Million Dollar Trial Lawyers Award from Million Dollar Trial Lawyers. Website badges can increase conversion by as much as 32%. Screen captures of Facebook testimonials are shown on the right.
Personal Injury Lawyer Landing Page Section 3

Section 4 shows four results of personal injury settlements with the footer underneath. The footer has another blue click to call button; vanity phone number and numeric version of the phone number; name of the personal injury lawyer and address; and website address which is linked to open the lawyer’s website in a new tab.

It should be noted that the lawyer’s website link appears only in the footer of the page and that there is no menu or any other links to the website. This is because when a potential client clicks on a Google ad, you don’t want to spend money to send the potential client to your website where they may just disappear and go somewhere else. You want to keep them on your landing page until they contact you.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave the website out completely but including a link in the footer is probably okay. It might be interesting to test the difference between a link in the footer and no link at all by looking at the heat map and using an A/B test. A landing page hosting company will provide you with both a heat map and the ability to do an A/B test.

Personal Injury Lawyer Landing Page Section 4

See the above landing page for a personal injury lawyer (this page is not active and the call buttons do not work) which was designed with the landing page hosting company design tool.

However, a PPC management service will design and create your landing pages for you. You should use a PPC management service to manage your Google ad campaign even if you can design the landing page and manage your Google ad campaign yourself because it just takes too much time to do everything yourself including the analytics.

Landing Pages for Specific Accidents or Injuries

To increase relevancy, use landing pages for specific accidents or injuries. For instance, when bidding on keywords like “mesothelioma lawyer” or “New York motorcycle accident lawyer”, visitors should see a landing page specifically for mesothelioma or motorcycle accidents.

The image below shows the top portion of a landing page specifically for motorcycle accidents. The landing page displays a header image showing a motorcycle accident; branding; and states that the lawyers are New York motorcycle accident lawyers.

Underneath the header image are taglines addressing the most important emotions of motorcyclists. Of course, there is more branding, a photo of the lawyer and a click to call button.

landing page for specific accidents showing motorcycle accident

See the above landing page for a motorcycle lawyer (this is a preview page, is not active and the call buttons do not work)

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How to Design a Successful Google Ad

The concept to design Google Ads (formally, Google AdWords) is relatively simple. Designing a Google Ad is the difficult part. Designing Google Ads for lawyers is even more difficult.

This guide to creating Google Ads for lawyers will make it easier.

Note: If you use a Google Ad manager to manage your Google Ad campaign you should still be familiar with how to design your PPC ads.

Why Are Google Ads More Important Today?

Search engine optimization (SEO) for your website used to be crucial. It’s still important and will remain important in the future because potential personal injury clients will find your website in the organic search results when searching longtail keywords or oral questions.

What are organic search results? Those are the websites which appear in the search results without paying an advertising fee to Google. Longtail keywords are phrases with three or more words.

We still get lots of new clients who find our website in the organic search results when searching a longtail phrase like “how to get a police accident report”.

When Google thinks someone is looking for answers such as when searching for “how to get a police accident report”, Google will still show organic search results at the top of the page.

But now, Google Ads are even more important because organic search results are no longer seen when Google thinks someone is looking for a lawyer.

Now, when someone looks on desktop or asks Google on their phone, “Find a personal injury lawyer” or “Find personal injury lawyers near me”, instead of showing your website in the organic search results, Google will show Google Ads at the top.

Google has evolved over the years to generate more revenue. Not long ago, Google showed mostly “organic” search results when someone searched for a lawyer.

Comparison of Google Search Results and Google Ads — 2010 and today

This image is a screen capture of Google search results in 2010 on a desktop computer for the search “Denver motorcycle accident lawyer”. The Google ad boxes are outlined in red at the top and side of the organic search results. The organic search results are outlined in green.

Google Search Results on January 10, 2010

Google Search Results on January 10, 2010, with only three Google ads at the top with regular search results visible. (click to see larger image)

Now, Google has changed to become the new Yellow Pages. If Google thinks you’re searching for a personal injury lawyer on a desktop computer, every result above the fold (without scrolling down the page) is a Google ad.

This is a screenshot showing a comparison of the same search result for “Denver motorcycle accident lawyer” on a desktop computer in 2018. Today, you can see in this image that Google is showing three ads above the fold. No organic search results are seen on the screen. If someone does not scroll down the screen, they will not see your website!

Google search results on 2018-10-18

Google search results today on a desktop computer showing only Google ads on the monitor screen above the fold. (click to see larger image)

This image shows a screenshot for the same search result “Denver motorcycle accident lawyer” on a mobile phone. Every result on the screen is a Google Ad for personal injury lawyers.

Google search results on mobile phone

Google search results on mobile phone showing only Google ads on the screen. (click to see larger image)

How a Better Performing Google Ad Improves Performance Exponentially

You think a better performing Google Ad will get more business for your money but what you may not know is that if your Google Ad performs better than your competitors, your ROI will be compounded.

Google Ads are rated by Google with a Quality Score. A better performing Google Ad will give you a higher Google Quality Score.

A higher Google Quality Score will reward you with:

  1. Higher placement in the Google Ad rankings; and
  2. Lower charge per click!

How much can a high Google Quality Score save you and how much can a low Quality Score cost you?

WordStream says a Google Quality Score of 10 will earn you a 50% discount while a Quality Score of 1 will make you pay a 400% penalty!

WordStream gives an explanation about Google Quality Score and how it affects PPC.

What a Potential Client Does When Searching for a Lawyer on Google

  1. Searches on Google
  2. Sees several Google ads
  3. Clicks on the most noticeable and appealing Google ad
  4. Contacts the lawyer (hopefully)

Concept of Designing a Google Ad

  1. Create a Google ad that instantly stands out from the competition.
  2. Create a Google ad that acts as a magnet enticing the viewer to click on your ad rather than your competitors’ ads.
  3. Create a custom landing page to increase the probability of the searcher calling you.

Features Which Make Google Ads Successful

Using these features in your Google Ad are known to substantially improve the click-through rate and ROI:

  • Brand name
  • Trademark symbol ® or ™
  • Typographical symbols (such as * + – % @ & $)
  • Numbers
  • Great offer
  • Benefit
  • Call to action

Example Google Ad for a Personal Injury Lawyer

This Google Ad for a personal injury lawyer has all the features of a successful PPC ad.

Mobile ad for targeted motorcycle niche casesGoogle mobile ad for motorcycle lawyer

Desktop ad for targeted motorcycle niche casesGoogle desktop ad for motorcycle lawyer


  1. Specifically speaks to the problem of the target audience and says what the lawyer does;
  2. Stands out from competing ads by including a brand and registered trademark symbol; and
  3. Includes a free offer.


  1. Includes a free offer;
  2. Includes a benefit important to the target audience (to prove the accident wasn’t their fault);
  3. Includes the benefit of personal service;
  4. Includes a call to action with the convenience to call days/nights/weekends; and
  5. Repeats the call to action to call now.

Mobile ad for general personal injury cases aimed at targeted geo-locationGoogle mobile ad for personal injury lawyer

Designing Google Ads for Lawyers

There is a science to designing Google Ads but designing Google Ads for lawyers is different than designing a Google ad to sell candy for the holidays.

The above features substantially improve the performance of every type of PPC ad on Google, Bing, and other platforms but they need to be adapted for lawyer advertising.

Brand name

Using a brand name is probably the most important and serves two purposes:

  1. A recognizable brand name or a brand-name that just looks like it should be a recognizable name helps your ad to stand out from your competition; and
  2. A brand is an attractant enticing potential clients to click on your ad.

Some states do not allow lawyers to use a trade name. In those states, lawyers can use a vanity phone number or domain name (website name) such as as effectively as a brand name.

Google does not allow phone numbers in Google Ads but Google does allow vanity phone numbers because they are brands.

It’s vital to use your vanity phone number in your Google ad title precisely because it is a brand and will make your ad stand out and make the searcher want to click on it.

We just started A/B testing Google ads in New York using 1-800-HURT-911® either in the title or in the description vs. ads with Franckel & Plevy either in the title or in the description (although potential clients see 1-800-HURT-911® in ads, all calls are actually routed through different tracking numbers).

In a comparison test using 1-800-HURT-911® in the title of our Google ads vs. Franckel & Plevy, 1-800-HURT-911® was responsible for a 24.10% cost of advertising savings! The average cost per click was $150.60 for Franckel & Plevy vs. $114.30 for 1-800-HURT-911®.

1-800-HURT-911® produced a 166.66% increase in click/calls; 69.84% share of clicks/calls vs. 30.16% for Franckel & Plevy; and 44.42% overall conversion rate!

The overall campaign with both ads resulted in an increased share of impressions and higher average position which can be seen in the screenshot below. The overall cost per case was $792.41. We believe this is due to the high conversion rate of ads using 1-800-HURT-911®.

Google Ad Position

Screenshot showing percent share of impressions and average ad position

It’s also important to use your vanity phone number in the ad title so people who have seen your off-line advertising or website will recognize your brand when they see your Google Ad.

Tracking vanity phone numbers: You can use a vanity phone number in your Google Ad and still track your phone calls. The vanity phone number is really used to get people to click on your ad. They will call you by clicking on a button or a link from your vanity phone number which uses a tracking number. Additionally, vanity phone numbers can be tracked, so you can still track anyone who calls your vanity phone number.

The vanity phone number for personal injury lawyers in this Google Ad makes the ad stand out; attracts the searcher’s attention; and makes it more likely that the potential client will click on the ad because it is immediately recognized as a brand (even where it hasn’t been seen yet) and creates an image of a successful personal injury attorney. But we found in testing that our best performing ads used 1-800-HURT-911® at the beginning of the title.Google Ad for motorcycle lawyer

Trademark symbol ®

A trademark symbol serves two purposes:

  1. ® visually helps your ad to stand out from an ad with a lot of words.
  2. ® identifies a brand and signifies recognizable importance. It attracts the searcher, making the searcher want to click on your ad.

A registered trademark ® is best because it is highly recognizable. In fact, ® is itself a brand. But if you don’t have a registered trademark, you can use a common law trademark ™.

Example: White Shark Lawyers™. If your state doesn’t allow a trade name, use a website name with the trademark symbol like this:™.

I’m using White Shark Lawyers™ as an example instead of Killer Shark Lawyers because personal injury lawyers usually want to portray themselves as aggressive but that can actually scare off potential clients from calling. White Shark Lawyers™ identifies the personal injury lawyer as aggressive but sounds a little more approachable.

The 411 on Using Numbers

Numbers make PPC ads visually stand out by breaking up blocks of words with just letters. Any number or series of numbers can be used to stand out.

Simply tacking on 999 to your title or headline will make it stand out. Don’t worry if the numbers do not make sense. Just make sure it stands out. Better, use numbers that have recognizable significance such as 411 or 911. You could write in the description, “Let us help you make your bankruptcy as simple as 123.” We’ll show you an example below.

Typographical Symbols * + – % @ # & $

Typographical symbols also make PPC ads visually stand out by breaking up words and letters. That will increase your CTR & ROI $$!

Great Offer

While your Google Ad isn’t going to offer a half-price legal fee, there are things a lawyer can offer. For instance, we offer:

  • NO FEE for Motorcycle damage$ claim

You can even state the obvious

  • 1/3 Legal Fee paid ONLY at end of your case!

Your legal fee may be the same as every other personal injury lawyer and paid at the end of the case as with other personal injury lawyers but this makes it sound like other lawyers’ legal fees may not as good as yours.

Other offers you can make are FREE consultation! and NO FEE unless we get money for you!

There are many offers you can make if you just give it some thought. Don’t be afraid of offering the obvious.


Again, there are many benefits that you might be able to offer that other lawyers do not or you can simply offer obvious benefits.

Some examples:

  • We’ll protect your rights, right now!
  • We Can Do An Asset Search — know when accepting the policy is right

and my personal favorite:

  • Personal service!

Call to action

Tell people what to do:

  • Call 24/7  & we’ll give you the 411 for FREE on how to protect your rights! Call right now!

When you’re done designing a Google Ad for lawyers, it should look like thisGoogle Ad for motorcycle lawyer

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Landing Pages

Google Ads are very expensive and you should expect to pay 15% of your budget to a Google Ad manager. The last thing you want to do is waste your money.

If you send click-throughs to the homepage on your website, you will have an abysmal conversion rate. You may as well send people to your competitor’s website.

You must use a landing page. Just as important, you must use a custom designed landing page. And, just as important, you should use several custom designed landing pages designed specifically for what the potential client is searching for.

It’s vital that your custom designed landing pages are well designed by experienced landing page designers. The statistics reported by Search Engine Land shows why.

Search Engine Land reports:

  • Approximately 25% of all Google Ad accounts are converting less than 1%!
  • The median conversion rate for the legal industry is 2.07%
  • The top 25% of legal ads convert 4.12%
  • The top 10% of legal ads convert 6.46%

Should You Use a Google Ad Campaign Manager?

Answer these two questions.

  • Do you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to set up and manage your ad campaigns?
  • Do you have the time to set up, manage and monitor the campaigns?

I have the knowledge and skills to run a Google ad campaign but I don’t have the time, so I hired a Google ad campaign manager.

If you have the time, you might be tempted to set up a Google account and do-it-yourself but it’s a lot easier and will cost you a lot less at the end of the month if you use a PPC manager.

This is a list of just some of the things a PPC manager will do for you:

  • Set up Google and/or other PPC campaigns
  • Design your Google Pay Per Click Ads
  • Design and create custom landing pages
  • Bid optimization
  • Keyword optimization
  • Negative keywords
  • Improve Quality Score
  • A/B Ad Testing – Image Ad Split Testing
  • Competitor analysis
  • PPC Call Tracking
  • ROI Conversion Tracking
  • Bid Modifiers
  • Geo-Targeting improvements
  • Device adjustments
  • Landing page heat maps
  • Day Parting analysis
  • Click fraud detection
  • Obtain reimbursement for click fraud

A Pay Per Click ad manager usually charges a minimum monthly fee and 15% of your advertising budget after you meet the minimum. There is usually a three-month minimum commitment.

The minimum commitment is necessary to perform analysis of your campaign and fine-tune adjustments for optimal performance. Although the minimum commitment is usually three months, I suggest a minimum commitment of 6-9 months to get a clear picture of your results.

Read about how to design landing pages for lawyers

If you’re interested in licensing 1-800-HURT-911® for your personal injury law practice or just have some questions about advertising, feel free to call me now.

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How to Increase Calls from PPC & Online Ads

Social Media Ads, PPC (Pay per Click), Remarketing/Retargeting, Geo-Targeting, Video Ads and Email Marketing are various forms of digital advertising used by many personal injury law firms.

Online advertising is expensive. A minimum budget for Google advertising can range from $5,000 per month to $10,000 per month depending upon the market. Many personal injury lawyers spend $50,000-$100,000 per month and more.

No matter whether your law firm is doing only PPC or many forms of online advertising, it’s not something to blindly jump into.

Online Advertising Is a Two-Step Process

TV advertising is a one-step process but online advertising is a two-step process which makes online advertising even more expensive. When a viewer sees your TV ad, the viewer needs to take only one step… call the phone number advertised.

But when a potential client responds to online advertising, the potential client must first be convinced to click on a digital ad which takes the potential client to your landing page. From there, the potential client must be convinced to take a second step to contact you.

With PPC and online advertising, attention needs to be paid to both the online ad and what happens at that second step. Read How to Design Google Ads for Lawyers.

Some lawyers simply direct potential clients from online ads to the homepage of their law firm website. But this is a substantial waste of your online advertising budget. After landing on the homepage of your website, injured accident victims looking for a lawyer will likely bounce off your website and eventually call another lawyer.

What is a landing page? A landing page is a page designed to convert paid advertising leads when they land on the page after clicking your online ad.

The Right Way to Do Online Advertising

  • Send advertising leads to a landing page, not your homepage
  • Use multiple landing pages, each designed for a specific ad

An advertising lead is different than someone searching. An advertising lead is responding to advertising and is, therefore, more focused and interested in hiring a lawyer than someone who is searching to find what they are looking for.

Because an advertising lead is more focused, you want to serve limited and specific information designed to get the lead to call you. Because landing pages only get visitors from advertising, you don’t need a lot of information on the page for search engine optimization.

Your website is an online brochure. It needs to have substantially more information for search engine optimization and less focus for leads. But it has too much information for online direct response digital advertising.

Hopefully, your website will encourage potential clients to call you when they find it in the organic search results. But when a potential client responds to a direct response online ad, the viewer needs to find exactly what they are looking for.

A landing page will hopefully serve what the viewer is looking for. Custom landing pages designed for specific ads will serve exactly what the viewer is looking for.

For instance, separate landing pages should be used for car accidents, motorcycle accidents, or nursing home abuse.

Someone injured in a car accident looking for a lawyer will be more likely to call you when seeing a landing page for car accidents than seeing a landing page for all kinds of accidents. This is further accentuated for more specialized cases such as motorcycle accidents or nursing home abuse.

The cost of designing specific landing pages is well worthwhile because 1) You still pay for the click even if the potential client loses interest and goes away; 2) The cost of that click is expensive, and 3) The value of a lead is so high.

Because of the increased ROI, the cost of designing specific landing pages can probably be recouped within a couple of months or less.

Design of the landing page is also crucial. A well-designed landing page could result in four times more calls than a poorly designed landing page.

Attributes of a Well Designed Landing Page

  • Clearly displays and identifies your brand
  • Speaks to the needs of the lead
  • Includes a video testimonial
  • Simple, clear methods of contact

Branding a Landing Page

It is vital that the landing page displays and clearly identifies your brand. Otherwise, your landing pages are no different than a generic TV commercial in the middle of the night selling nondescript products.

While a landing page without a brand may convert a few visitors, the majority of visitors will want to know that they are contacting a law firm and not some unnamed entity thinking who knows where their information will go.

Of course, it’s better to brand anything other than a run-of-the-mill law firm name. However, the law firm name can be used together with the brand.

If your law firm has a vanity phone number, that should be your brand and the landing page should prominently brand the vanity phone number on the landing page.

Landing Page Branding Should Be Consistent with PPC Branding

Your brand should be displayed consistently in both the PPC ad and your landing page. Using a vanity phone number is a brand makes it easy to brand both the PPC listing and the landing page.

Although Google doesn’t allow using a numeric phone number in PPC ads, Google does allow using a vanity phone number because it is a brand.

A Landing Page Should Speak to the Needs of the Lead

As mentioned above, the landing page should be topic-specific, so that someone injured in a construction accident doesn’t land on a page about car accidents.

The landing page should not extol the virtues of the law firm but should be limited to identifying what the lawyer can do for people injured in that specific type of accident.

The landing page should be simple and should not have too much to read or have links to other pages on the law firm’s website or other resources. Think of the landing page as a dead-end that the lead drove into. There should be no way out except to contact you.

Landing Pages Should Include a Video Testimonial

Video on a landing page can significantly improve the probability that a lead will call you. Testimonials improve that probability even more. A video testimonial is explosive.

Watch this video testimonial and ask yourself would this get you to call if you clicked on Google advertising and were looking for a car accident lawyer?

Want to improve your ROI even more? Use specific video testimonials for each landing page. A landing page for construction accidents should have a video testimonial from a client in a construction accident. A landing page for motorcycle accidents should have a video testimonial from a client in a motorcycle accident.

Landing Pages Should Include Simple, Clear Methods of Contact

A landing page should have several simple, clear, easy methods of contact.

  • If your law office has a vanity phone number, it should be displayed prominently.
  • Use a large click to call button (required)
  • Use a chat service (required)
  • Contact form (optional)

The best and preferred method of contact is for a potential client to call you. When someone is speaking with the caller, there is no worry about not reaching the caller later and it is more likely that the caller will cease looking for another lawyer.

If your office has a vanity phone number, you have the dual advantage of displaying a brand with your vanity phone number and providing a means for potential clients to call you.

Using a large, easily seen click to call button further encourages potential clients to call you.

Using a chat service provides a method for potential clients to communicate with someone when they believe your office may be closed. Sometimes, even during the day, a lead may prefer to chat. A chat service can obtain significant information for you and can even do a “hot swap” or live transfer to transfer all chats to your phone line, so you can instantly connect with a potential client.

The least important is a contact form. It’s so unimportant that the use of a contact form is really optional and should always appear at the very bottom of a contact page.

Contact forms should require the least amount of information possible. The more information required to be filled out, the less likely it is that someone will fill out the form.

Many law firms require detailed accident and injury information to be entered into the form. This is a huge mistake. This information should be obtained during a phone call. The only information fields should be the name, email address, phone number, and message.

Another very common mistake law firms make with contact forms is making sure someone in the office will instantly see the emailed contact form. This is another reason to avoid contact forms. I have seen many reasons why law firms never saw emailed forms I filled out when trying to refer a personal injury client.

Use Off-Line Advertising to Increase Online Traffic & CTR

Off-line advertising, especially TV and billboards send more traffic to your website and also increases your click-through rate. To find out why read, Why TV Improves Website Rank & Online Advertising CTR.

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