Lead Management For Law Firms – Client Intake, Call Intake & Conversion Tracking Software

What Can Lead management Software For Law Firms Do?

  1. Our personal injury law firm is growing rapidly.
  2. We can no longer handle personal injury client intake ourselves.
  3. Increasing advertising effectiveness and efficiency allows more advertising dollars to be spent on additional advertising.
  4. Advertising costs are high so lost leads are costly.
  5. Every lost lead could be a personal injury case with a value from $1,000 to $1,000,000 or more.

Lead management is vital for selling a product on TV for $19.95, but lead management for personal injury lawyers is even more important because the least valuable cases are worth $1,000 in legal fees and even if only one lead is lost, it could have been a case worth $1,000,000 or more in legal fees.

Example of What Lead Management Software For Law Firms Can Do For Your ROI

Assume the following without lead management software used by a personal injury law firm:

  1. Monthly advertising budget of only $10,000 spent on Google Ads
  2. Cost per click of $170 yielding 58.82 clicks
  3. Conversion rate of 40% = 23.52 conversions (people contacting you)
  4. 15% of conversions result in a retained case
  5. Total cases monthly = 3.528 cases retained at a cost of $2,834 per case
  6. Total cases annually = 42.33
  7. Average case gross value = $45,000
  8. Average 1/3 legal fee per case = $15,000
  9. Total annual advertising budget = $120,000
  10. Total annual legal fees = $635,040
  11. Total gross profit before overhead = $515,040

Assuming only a 5% improvement by using lead management and lead tracking software, this is the amount increase in ROI:

  1. Monthly advertising budget of only $10,000 spent on Google Ads
  2. Cost per click of $170 yielding 58.82 clicks
  3. Conversion rate of 40% = 23.52 conversions (people contacting you)
  4. 20% of conversions result in a retained case
  5. Total cases monthly = 4.704 cases retained at a cost of $2,125 per case
  6. Total cases annually = 56.44
  7. Average case gross value = $45,000
  8. Average 1/3 legal fee per case = $15,000
  9. Total annual advertising budget = $120,000
  10. Total annual legal fees = $846,720
  11. Total gross profit before overhead = $726,720 = additional $211,680 profit and 41.099% increase in ROI

How Lawyers Can Leverage The Profit Gained From Lead Management Software

Re-invest the additional profit gained by using lead management and lead tracking software in more advertising.

If the additional $211,680 profit is re-invested in more advertising, that would return additional annual legal fees of $1,494,211 for an additional profit of $1,282,531. Thus,  the total annual profit would be $2,009,251 = 290.116% increase in ROI just by using lead management and lead tracking software for lawyers. And that’s if your lead management software only resulted in a 5% improvement!

How Our Personal Injury Law Firm Increased Caseload and Decreased Workload

We formed a partnership with a large personal injury law firm that does the work on the cases. They pay the case expenses and all overhead. We get the cases.

Our focus is now on getting as many new clients as inexpensively and efficiently as possible. We changed from a personal injury law firm to a personal injury marketing firm that focuses on client intake.

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We continually perfect our advertising, call intake management, lead management, lead tracking, and personal injury client intake. Lead management software is a big step forward for us to improve as we grow our law firm.

Where Do Our Personal Injury Clients Come From?

Approximately 48% of our personal injury client intake previously came from our website; 48% from niche marketing for motorcycle accidents; and 4% from referrals.

These percentages have changed because we are now advertising with Google Ads. Since marketing takes a lot of time and advertising just takes money, we expect to keep increasing our Google Ads budget.

What Is The Difference Between Google Ads vs. Our Website and Other Marketing?

There is a big difference between leads from our website and marketing efforts versus Google Ads.

Potential clients who call from our marketing efforts, website, or referrals have already decided on two things:

  1. They know they want to hire a personal injury lawyer: and
  2. They already decided that they want us.

Leads from referrals or marketing efforts

Potential clients who call from referrals or our marketing efforts call because they trust someone who knows us and they want to hire us because they don’t know other lawyers.

Leads from Our Website

Potential clients who call from our website are also pre-sold to some extent. They call after they decided they like our website and the 1-800-HURT-911® brand and they want us to represent them. These leads are usually retained immediately by email within minutes.

Leads from Google Ads

Google Ads produces leads who

  1. are looking for a lawyer on Google because they do not know who to hire and
  2. haven’t been exposed to any reason why they should hire us. This is another reason branding in the title of Google Ads is so important.

Some potential clients aren’t yet convinced they need to hire a lawyer. Some are at the very beginning stage where they thought they would just look around a little on Google before they decided to do anything.

Lead management for lawyers lets you track every aspect of your case intake as can be seen with this Google Ad comparison with a vanity phone number

Google Ads is different in four ways:

  1. There are many more leads, almost as many as you want to pay for.
  2. There are many tire kickers looking around who just click away on Google Ads.
  3. Of the legitimate clicks, some are potential clients who haven’t quite decided to hire a lawyer yet or who to hire.
  4. Potential clients only see only a tiny snippet of an advertisement. They haven’t seen our website and don’t know anything about us so they aren’t yet convinced they want to hire us.

Problems WIth Google Ads:

  • Much money and time are spent speaking to potential clients who do not become a client on the first phone call.
  • Sometimes, several callbacks are necessary to retain a caller.
  • Sometimes, callers never become a client because they hired someone else; we didn’t try to call them enough times, or we forgot about them.

The Need for Managing Leads and Continually Re-Contacting Leads

Calls from Google Ads (and other advertising) present the need to use lead management software for lawyers to manage the time-consuming process of ensuring that potential clients are continuously called, emailed, and sent text messages until they are retained or tell us not to call again.

Velocify provides the following statistics:

  • Calling a potential client within a minute of lead generation can increase your likelihood of conversion by 391%. Each minute reduces the probability drastically. Calling 30 minutes later reduces the chance to 62%.
  • More than 50% of all leads are converted after the first attempt but 50% of all leads are never called back after the first attempt.
  • 6 calls are the number of times a lead should be called if not retained. 93% of converted leads are contacted by the 6th call attempt.

What Is Lead Management Software?

Lead management software is an advancement of CRM (Contact Relationship Management) software. It does lead management, call intake management, and conversion management which makes this job less time-consuming, easier, and will prevent us from forgetting to call potential leads.

SaaS (cloud) lead management software for personal injury lawyers automatically sends and receives template emails and SMS text messages until a client is retained, declined, or unsubscribed.

Call Intake Staff Training

OPUS Intake Training

Call Intake Scripting Software For Law Firms

Call scripting software for call center operators helps operators to enter information about potential clients who call you. These scripts are simple and just ask a few questions to get contact information.

But when you license 1-800-HURT-911®, you will get a custom-programmed call center script free of charge. Our script has program language using AI with conditional logic that does far more than call center scripts.

Our custom personal injury call center software will: 1) perform a diagnosis and predict several types of injuries before the caller is even aware of the injury, 2) evaluate accidents, and 3) prep potential clients to give the correct information you need to prove the case.

These companies provide call scripting software that can be used by call center operators.

Lead Management Software For Law Firms

  • AttorneyLeverage – appears to focus on mass tort leads from landing pages; charges $49 per case intake
  • Bitrix24 Legal – they actually have a free plan
  • Captorra
  • ContactEase
  • Introhive
  • Law Ruler
  • Lawmatics
  • Lead Docket – Sophisticated automation, easy to use, and easy to look at. Integrates to input data automatically from many lead source applications and output data to Filvine, SmartAdvocate, Needles, and possibly others.
  • LegallyCRM – starting at $39/month (located in Poland)
  • Lexicata
  • LexisNexis InterAction
  • Litify
  • Loop – Loop will do every aspect of lead tracking for lawyers you could need.  Loop will customize the software for each law firm’s procedures. Integrates to input data automatically from many lead source applications and output data to any other application. Kerri White is extremely knowledgeable about law firm marketing and procedures. After several demos, we decided to use Loop.
  • OnePlace
  • SalesForce.com starts at $25 /user/month. I was told that the Sales Cloud is the product I would want to answer calls from advertising and retaining clients and that they have templates to set it up to do lead tracking for lawyers. Integrates with SmartAdvocate.

This article by Inbound Law Marketing reviews 13 CRMs for law firms

This video shows how Captorra automates client intake for law firms

Client Intake, Conversion & Retainer Services for Law Firms

Why use a specialized call center for client intake to answer your phones?

The vast majority of personal injury law firms are horrible at answering the phones and retaining clients. I know because I started and managed a group TV advertising campaign with a large advertising budget with 22 law firms.

The lawyers who did well listened carefully to me and followed my instructions. Lawyers who complained did not follow my instructions. When I made test calls, I found they were not answering their phones quickly, putting callers on hold too long, scheduling clients to come in on another day to meet with the lawyer, and other problems.

When I answered the phone for my personal injury law practice I always answered on the first ring even in the shower. Then my partner was answering the phone for a couple of years. He’s almost as good as I am but not quite. Now, we’re continually increasing our advertising budget and we just can’t answer the phones anymore.

Fully Automated Client Intake and Retaining For Law Firms

For lawyers who want to fully automate the client intake process, there are also call centers that will handle the entire call intake conversion process for mass tort and general personal injury lawyers. These call centers will not only answer the calls but also retain the clients and provide lawyers with a signed retainer.

These call centers typically charge a fee per signed retainer. The call centers we are aware of that will obtain a signed retainer for your law firm are listed below.

List of Call Centers For Lawyers With Client Intake, and Client Retaining Services

  • Alert Communications – Call, Intake, and Retainer Services for Law Firms
  • Consumer Attorney Contract Services
  • For Law Firms Only | ICE Intake Conversion Experts – ICE answers the calls from mass tort and personal injury advertising and can also retain your clients according to your intake criteria. ICE is for lawyers expecting to retain at least 25 case intakes per week. When they retain clients, they only charge a reasonable flat fee for each qualified and retained client. This provides an incentive to get every potential client and put your personal injury law practice on autopilot. Started by Gary P. Flakowitz, Esq. Captorra is a partner in ICE so ICE operators are trained on Captorra CRM software and use it so you get some of the features at no charge. I know Gary because he was the attorney in charge of case intake at a personal injury and mass tort law firm with 150 employees owned by a friend of mine.
  • Intake Solutions of America
  • LawyerLine – offers inbound and outbound receptionists who can call your potential clients, existing clients, adversaries, vendors, etc., and schedule appointments.
  • Legal Conversion Center – This call intake center will answer calls for personal injury lawyers and get electronically signed retainers for callers meeting your qualifications.
  • Legal Intake Professionals – This call intake center for personal injury lawyers will answer calls with high or low call volumes. LIP will soon start offering retainer services.
  • Persist – converts stale leads into retained clients
  • Rapid Sign Now will send someone to get a retainer signed when you can’t get it signed electronically.
  • We used to send an investigator to get retainers signed. That’s still a good way when you can’t get it signed electronically.

Client Intake Consulting For Law Firms

  • Maximum Intake Consulting – develops and implements customized intake procedures and provides coaching/training for employees who answer the phone.

Read more articles about advertising for personal injury lawyers

Read about how advertising for personal injury lawyers with 1-800-HURT-911® will increase your case intake so much that you will have to start thinking about a personal injury call center and lead management for lawyers.
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Why Personal Injury Lawyers Are Losing Advertising Calls & How to Stop It

According to Legal Intake Professionals, as many as 27% of personal injury callers are not reaching your on-call person and frustrated callers may call another attorney!

This comes as no surprise to me. I ran a personal injury advertising campaign on TV with a large TV budget and calls going directly to 22 law firms.

Results of a Personal Injury TV Advertising Campaign

I ran a TV advertising campaign with a nearly seven-figure budget with 19 paying lawyers in NYC and 3 partner law firms in other areas receiving calls. I made test calls to the lawyers to see if they answered the phone quickly and how the phone was answered.

Lawyers who followed my advice about handling calls answered the phones properly and were successful.

For instance, one lawyer had 10 phone lines with incoming calls never going beyond the 4th phone line with the other lines used for outbound calls. I told the lawyer to route 1-800-HURT-911® calls to the 7th line so that when that line lights up, everyone in the office would instantly know it is an advertising call. I told the lawyer to give that line priority over everything else and to make sure it was answered within 2-3 rings.

Lawyers who complained about not getting enough cases were often not answering the phone quickly or putting me on hold for several minutes. Sometimes, their phone just rang and rang and was never even answered!

Some lawyers were also losing clients because they scheduled appointments for clients to come to the office the next day or even later in the week! Not surprisingly, some potential clients never showed up.

In another article, I show how you can sign up new accident callers within minutes.

How to Answer Calls from a Personal Injury Advertising Campaign

For small to medium-sized law firms, answering calls in-house with proper call handling policies is best during office hours. After hours, a call center is a necessity.

Large law firms can either answer calls in-house or with a call center. A couple of large law firms advertising 1-800-HURT-911® use their own in-house call center during the day and a third-party call center after hours.

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Consider using a call intake consultant. Yes, that exists! Maximum Intake Consulting.

Use a Specialty Call Center For Lawyer Advertising

For personal injury lawyers, there are specialty call centers such as:

  • Legal Intake Professionals answer advertising calls and handle intake for over 300 law firms.
  • Intake Conversion Experts (ICE) was started by a lawyer who managed intakes for a large mass tort law firm. ICE will augment your call and take or answer all of your calls. They can handle large mass tort advertising and even esign cases to retain clients using your retainer agreement. They specialize in pursuing leads your office gave up on.
  • Alert Communications
  • Ruby Receptionists

Use Call Intake Software for Lawyer Advertising

Call intake software for personal injury advertising can improve your bottom line by as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions. Call intake software can be used for answering advertising calls in-house and/or in conjunction with call centers.

Following are companies providing call intake software for lawyers that I am aware of:

  • Captorra – Legal Intake for Plaintiff Practices. Legal Intake Professionals, Alert Communications, and other after-hours call centers have direct integrations with Captorra. See features.
  • Law Ruler – Legal Case Intake & Legal CRM for Firms to Sign More Cases. Integrates with Legal Intake Professionals. See features.
  • Lead Docket – cloud-based lead management software which integrates with SmartAdvocate; TrialWorks; and Needles personal injury management software. It also with Ngage Live Chat; call centers; MailChimp and other services.
  • Lexicata – Law Firm CRM & Client Intake Software. Integrates with Ruby Receptionists. See features.
  • Litify – Legal Intakes Management Software (developed by Morgan & Morgan)

How to Verify Call Intake from Advertising Is Properly Handled

Record all calls to make sure calls are answered quickly and handled professionally. All 1-800-HURT-911 calls are recorded so HURT911® Lawyers can listen to incoming calls at any time.

Incoming calls should be listened to and examined for the following:

  • Are your intake specialists answering all calls within three rings?
  • Are your intake specialists putting callers on hold?
  • Are your intake specialists conveying the right message?
  • Is the tone of voice of your intake specialists appropriate?
  • Are your intake specialists representing and promoting your law firm’s brand appropriately?
  • Are your intake specialists capturing contact information from all callers including rejected callers?
  • What can your intake specialists do better?

Best Practices for Answering Calls When Using a Call Center

New callers who have been hurt in an accident should be able to speak with an attorney immediately, even at night or on the weekend.

If the caller has an accident case you want, the caller should be retained immediately, not the next day.

Use an On-Call Cell Phone

Make sure an attorney is always available to receive calls from your call center/answering service.

If you rotate attorneys to be on call, you can either call your answering service to give them the new cell phone number or you can give an office line to your call center which you can change to the next cell phone when you’re in the office or remotely.

Set up a Call Report Distribution List

Every time a call is received, designated attorneys should receive both an email and text message on their cell phones. The designated attorney should immediately follow up to find out what happened with the call.

Email reports and text messages can usually be sent automatically with any vanity phone number and also by call centers. 1-800-HURT-911 will automatically send a report by both email and text message as soon as the caller hangs up.

Retain New Accident Clients by Email

We retain 98% of our clients by email. With an average of three new clients every week, that saves us approximately 40 hours of attorney time every month!

An added benefit is that our clients are usually retained within minutes to hours, reducing the number of potential clients who retain another attorney while they are waiting to meet us.

Find out how to retain new injury clients by email.

Use Personal Injury Case Management Software

It’s surprising how many law firms still do not use personal injury case management software or don’t use it properly.

Personal injury case management software can be used to input new cases quickly, generate retainers, and upload to an e-sign service to sign up clients within minutes.

Personal injury case management software will also allow you to track the advertising that’s working.

We use SmartAdvocate® which we believe is not only the most sophisticated personal injury case management software but also the best software for small law firms to large mass tort law firms.

See a list of personal injury case management software.

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How to Retain Personal Injury Clients By Email Fast & Save Money

How Do People Injured in Accidents Find Lawyers?

People injured in accidents come to us from one of the following four sources:

  1. Advertising
  2. Marketing
  3. Website
  4. Referrals

With the exception of referrals, potential injury clients have no loyalty. They often contact several accident lawyers and will retain the first lawyer who responds. Even accident clients who have been referred to an injury lawyer should be retained immediately.

What Is the Cost of Not Retaining Personal Injury Clients Fast Enough?

With an average settlement value of $60,000, if you miss just one accident case, it can cost you a legal fee of $20,000 or more depending upon your state.

It has been estimated that personal injury attorneys miss 27% of calls. I have seen some law firms miss even more accident clients than that when they are not signed up fast enough.

If your law firm intake is 100 new cases annually you probably don’t even realize that you may have been able to sign up as many as 140 new cases instead of 100. That could cost you $800,000 annually.

But if you miss retaining just one accident case with an injury worth $1 million, you just lost $333,333 or more!

How Much Does It Cost to Retain a Personal Injury Claim?

We used to spend an average of 3-4 hours signing up accident clients including travel time and time meeting with the client. Figuring 10 hours of work to settle a case for an average of $60,000, means your time is worth $6,000 per hour and it will cost you $18,000-$24,000 just to sign up one accident case.

If you send a paralegal or investigator to sign up potential new accident clients instead of sending a lawyer, your cost will be less but still expensive and diverts valuable employee time away from working on cases.

Identifying the Problem

Some law firms insist on sending a lawyer to meet with potential new injury clients while some law firms will send either an attorney or paralegal, depending on who is available.

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We have a partnership with a law firm that employs 60 people including 17 attorneys. They try to set up an appointment with potential injury clients and often meet with them as far as a week later. When potential new clients can’t or don’t want to come to the office, they send an attorney to meet with the potential injury client. Occasionally, their attorneys travel as much as 2-3 hours each way.

The problem is that the law firm loses some clients who sign up with other lawyers during the days or a week before meeting with them and it costs a fortune on employee time and lost productivity to meet with potential new accident clients who won’t come to the office.

We get calls from potential personal injury clients all day, night, and on weekends. When someone is injured in an accident, we retain the client immediately, not tomorrow, not even hours later. And we don’t spend a lot of time doing it.

We retain personal injury clients by email within minutes to hours but we only spend 10 minutes after hanging up the phone!

The two problems this article will solve are:

  • How to retain personal injury clients by email minutes after speaking with the caller before another lawyer gets the case
  • How to save the time and cost of meeting with potential accident clients

How to Retain Accident Clients Immediately and without Spending Any Time

Use an e-sign service. We use Adobe Sign formally EchoSign but we are switching to AssureSign. Why are we switching? AssureSign can send a retainer by SMS text message.

Some people don’t have an email address or know how to access it even though they have a smartphone. We just had a call from a woman who couldn’t figure out how to sign the retainer by email and asked us if we could send her a text message.

VineSign can also send retainers by SMS text message but can also get a photo selfie identifying the client. We will use AssureSign because it integrates with our personal injury case management software SmartAdvocate and VineSign will not allow integration. AssureSign is pricey but not when you get it through a reseller like SmartAdvocate. VineSign is very reasonably priced.

esign services:

Adobe includes our logo in the emails sent to injured callers. This image shows the email Adobe Sign sends to the caller. You can see our logo in the upper left-hand corner of the email and you can see, circled in red, that this email was sent on a Saturday at 11:15 AM

email sent to retain personal injury client by email

This image shows the email returned to us by Adobe Sign with the accident retainer agreement signed. Circled in red you can see that the retainer agreement was signed on Saturday at 11:22 AM, seven minutes after it was sent.

e-signed retainer showing personal injury client retained

Here’s a screenshot showing another personal injury client retained by email. The caller clicked on a Google Ad, called 1-800-HURT-911, and spoke with our call center. My partner called the potential client and determined it was a case we want.  The caller’s information was entered in our personal injury management software, SmartAdvocate, at 11:30 AM, a retainer was emailed out at 11:36 AM, the retainer was emailed back and the client was retained at 11:55 AM!email sending personal injury retainer and email with signed retainer attached

How Do You Ask a Potential Accident Client to Retain Your Legal Services by Email?

At some point during the call, the caller usually will ask what the next step is. If they don’t ask, we simply say that we would like to represent them. We say to the caller, “You can come to us, we can come to you, or if you prefer, we can email you a retainer which you can sign on your phone or computer and we can be working on your case in 15 minutes.” 98% of the time, callers go for the email option.

We get so many more cases than we can handle so we formed a partnership with a large law firm with 50 employees. They still sign up injured accident clients the old way! They insist on meeting every new potential client.

If you want to meet every new client, sign them up by email or text message and meet them later. We found that new clients don’t feel like they have to meet us if they can easily reach us on the phone. That’s why we always take calls from clients and never put them off.

How to Stop Losing Advertising Calls & Retain More Clients

Now that you know how to retain new accident and injury clients within minutes, find out why you are losing clients you never knew you could’ve had but lost because you didn’t even know they called.

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