4 Advantages of Building Brand Awareness with Radio

First, why would personal injury lawyers want to build brand awareness?

Brand awareness will distinguish your law firm from the competition, resulting in more calls from potential clients, increasing ROI. Potential clients are much more likely to call a brand they recognize and trust rather than a generic law firm.

Motorcycle – “$Million Umbrella Insurance”
with 1-800-HURT-911

Motorcycle – “Safeguard Your Settlement Money”
with 1-800-HURT-911

What are the advantages of radio for personal injury lawyer advertising?

Radio is inexpensive

Radio is inexpensive, generally about one third the price of TV. The reduced cost can be used to increase your frequency (the number of times your radio ad is heard), thus increasing brand awareness.

Radio is cost-effective

Radio is cost-effective. According to Adweek, a Nielsen study found that radio delivered $12 in sales for every $1 spent on advertising.

The study was requested by Westwood One, the largest radio network in the US, when they began giving advertisers an ROI guarantee in Oct 2017.

The power of cross-branding

Combining different forms of advertising media is called cross-branding. Cross-branding substantially increases brand awareness and the likelihood that a potential client will call you because they recognize and trust your law firm.

For instance, many of our clients who find us on the Internet said they clicked on our website because they remembered seeing our advertising in a magazine. That’s why the search engine title of every page on our website includes 1-800-HURT-911 at the end of the title.

According to the report “Radio: The Brand Multiplier” by radiocentre.org, using audio advertising (Radio) together with audiovisual advertising (TV) significantly increases many effects of brand communication over audiovisual advertising alone.

The report also indicates that TV advertising boosts brand awareness by 23% but increases brand awareness by 29% just by adding radio advertising to the campaign.

Billboards are a branding tool and a significant component of cross-branding. Billboards substantially increase the effectiveness of both radio and TV advertising.

Inexpensive cost of professionally produced radio commercials

You can have a radio commercial professionally written and produced for just a few hundred dollars. You should always use a professional to produce your radio commercial rather than having the radio station produce it.

Pioneered by Howard Stern, on-air live mentions of your brand can be more powerful than a professionally produced radio commercial and, like cross-branding, can increase the effectiveness of professionally produced radio commercials.

How to use radio for personal injury advertising

Use together with other advertising for the increased power of cross-branding. When used for direct response advertising and to increase branding for direct response advertising, always use a vanity phone number.

Using a vanity phone number in direct response radio advertising can increase calls 14 times over radio commercials using a numeric phone number.

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